Texas Tech University.

Volume 2, Number 2; September 2010

Integrated Scholars 2010

Bob Smith and Katie Allen

There have been notable responses to the September 2009 All Things Texas Tech (ATTT) article: “Integrated Scholars: You Will Find Many at Texas Tech.” The Texas Tech University (TTU) Strategic Planning Council adopted the integrated scholar concept during preparation of the Texas Tech Strategic Plan for 2010-2020 (Making it Possible . . .). Similarly, the term was used in the TTU Strategic Plan for Research (2010), which was recently reviewed by the TTU Board of Regents and submitted subsequently to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board...MORE

Texas Tech Memorial CircleBudget Working Group

Guy Bailey and Bob Smith

Texas is a relative latecomer to the recession of 2008, but unfortunately our state has now reached a stage wherein revenues are not keeping up with the current and increasing needs of the state. Additionally, federal stimulus funds have all been allocated. The result: Our state faces a $10-18 billion shortfall in general revenue during the next biennium or FY12 and FY13. Higher education funding will probably not be immune from the effects of this shortfall; thus, it is incumbent on Texas Tech to plan and prepare for possible contingencies. The good news: Texas Tech is growing in enrollment and research funding...MORE

Seville, SpainStudying Abroad—Is it Worth it?

Bob Smith and Katie Allen

Travel, in general, and study abroad, in particular, have powerful effects on learning. The literature abounds in examples of people whose lives were changed by study in societies and cultures outside of their own...MORE

Teaching in Saudi ArabiaTeaching in Saudi Arabia

Bob Smith

As members of the TTU academic community—an institution where global engagement is championed—we should know about the unprecedented higher education investment occurring in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia...MORE

Texas Tech UniversityCommencement December '09

Kent Hance

In 1961, my mother and dad brought me to Texas Tech. They let me out at Bledsoe Hall. Soon thereafter, I fell in love with Texas Tech, and I have loved it ever since. My family has to watch me because in August every year, I want to go back and start all over—just one more time...MORE

Texas Tech UniversityCommencement May '10

Royal Furgeson

Tech graduates, because of your families and your teachers, you are here today in celebration of a significant accomplishment. So please rise and give them a standing ovation. I have a long connection to Texas Tech...MORE

Texas Tech UniversityAssessment of Teaching in Higher Education

JoAnn Franklin Klinker, Mary Frances Agnello, Aretha Faye Marbley, and Roseanna Currey Davidson

Although the research is clear that quality instruction positively impacts student learning and that ineffective teaching has long-term negative effects, assessing faculty teaching to improve instruction remains unclear. In short, we do not know how to do it well. This is not a small matter for tenure-track faculty...MORE