Texas Tech University.

Volume 3, Number 1; February 2011

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Undergraduate Research: A Core Element of Texas Tech's Movement to Tier One

Guy Bailey and Bob Smith

Developing research expertise will become increasingly critical to twenty-first century professionals. For members of earlier generations, research was not a part of undergraduate curricula. This is not the case today at many top-tier research universities as well as smaller institutions that have developed a variety of undergraduate research structures as part of an overall recruitment, retention, and graduation strategy... (Read More)

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Assessing Undergraduate Student Learning: Does it Work?

Valerie Paton and Bob Smith

Assessment: it comes in various forms, with various ends. In higher education, assessment may be of faculty performance, student learning, academic programs, colleges, and universities. This article is about standardized approaches to assessing the learning of undergraduates across the measures of critical thinking, complex reasoning, and communication skills. Our purpose is to review what is known about the standardized assessment... (Read More)

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Are Students Customers? Many Factors Should Inform Our Judgment

Bob Smith

Having worked in higher education for decades, I have often heard arguments such as: "We should spend money on things that matter most to the customer/students," and, "Higher education should be focused on serving its customers—its students." Such arguments are based on a somewhat simplistic model of education that focuses nearly exclusively on undergraduates and neglects several factors that influence greatly the higher education of undergraduate and post-graduate students alike... (Read More)

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Inside ATTT: Illuminating Academic Life at Texas Tech

Bob Smith and Katie Allen

Reflecting on the publication of All Things Texas Tech (ATTT; The Journal of Higher Education at Texas Tech University [TTU]) during the past two years, we hope that it has contributed to a better understanding of the TTU academic enterprise. Indeed, through the past few issues we have covered topics ranging from strategic planning to budget planning to study abroad. But, in many instances, published articles have tended to portray the what of academic life at Texas Tech... (Read More)

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Commencement December '10: Dream Big, but Have a Backup Plan

Ginger Kerrick

Thank you Chancellor Hance, President Bailey, distinguished administration, and faculty, friends, family, and most importantly, the graduating class of 2010 for allowing me to speak to you today. I met Chancellor Hance about a year ago when I gave a talk in his leadership class. Last month he called and asked if I would like to be the commencement speaker at this weekend's graduation... (Read More)