Texas Tech University.

Volume 4, Number 1; March 2012

Tier 1 Steps

Texas Tech's Promise and Prospects

Guy Bailey, Taylor Eighmy, and Bob Smith

During the first half of 2012, the Texas Tech University (TTU) community should learn if the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) has certified TTU as a National Research University (NRU).  The enabling data was submitted in October 2011.  The prospects of a successful audit of the data are excellent.  In short, TTU's remarkable progress reflects the outstanding efforts of the faculty and staff.  So, we begin this year with heartfelt thanks to the entire TTU community for their impressive accomplishments. (Read More)

Students of Integrated Scholarship

Texas Tech Students of Integrated Scholarship

Bob Smith, Rachel Pierce, and Scott Irlbeck

Inspired by the All Things Texas Tech series on Integrated Scholars, we turn our attention to students who, akin to many faculty members, are flourishing as they pursue a course of lifelong learning through self-study and scholarly engagement both within and external to the campus environs. (Read More)

Learning Down in Rio

Learning Down in Rio—and Several Other Places in Brazil Through a Unique University Partnership

Bob Smith

TTUISD.  Unfortunately, many in our community are baffled by the reference.  But, our colleagues in the University College know it well as the acronym for the Texas Tech University Independent School District.  It's a program that supports K-12 education throughout Texas and other parts of the United States—and in nineteen countries around the world. (Read More)

The Way of Oz

The Way of Oz: Guiding a Life of Wisdom, Heart, and Courage

Bob Smith

Think about Oz! And, the love you may have for the 1939 movie, the original book published in 1900 or perhaps any of its thirteen sequels. Think about L. Frank Baum, and how this author of The Wizard of Oz—through his life experiences—crafted a marvelous archetypal story about journeys, relationships, loving and serving. Now, imagine how the principal characters of Oz might be cast into a model for lifelong wisdom, heart and courage. (Read More)

W. Mark Lanier

You Should Star in the Film of Your Life

W. Mark Lanier

School of Law Alumnus, 1984

Edward Whitacre, Jr.

Some Lessons
for Lifelong Success

Edward E. Whitacre, Jr.

College of Engineering Alumnus, 1964

Information Literacy

The Case for Course-based Information Literacy Instruction

Sheila Hoover

Do you assign written projects in your classes? Do you have the expectation that your students (undergraduate and graduate) know the most expeditious way to get to the ‘best information’? Are you tired of seeing Wikipedia as a source or the source of information in student papers? If you answered yes to any of these questions I have an idea that might prove useful: Collaborate with a librarian. (Read More)