Texas Tech University.

Volume 4, Number 2; September 2012

2012 Integrated Faculty Scholars

Texas Tech Integrated Faculty Scholars of 2012

Bob Smith, Rachel Pierce, and Scott Irlbeck

Each August at the new faculty orientation during the past four years we have offered the recommendation that our newest Texas Tech University (TTU) colleagues consider becoming integrated scholars. The suggestion is followed by a description of integrated scholarship and allusions to the TTU integrated faculty scholars for that year. Read more >

Students of Integrated Scholarship

Remembrance and Celebration of the Life of Sandra Arlene River

Colleagues and friends

For those who knew her and those who did not have the privilege, a picture of Sandy River emerges from the testimonies here. It is a portrait of a wise person—someone who was not only a lifetime learner but also one who used learning to care for and serve others. Read more >

Letter to Tenure-Track and Tenured Faculty

A Letter to Tenure-Track and Tenured Faculty Members

Bob Smith

On May 18, 2012, the Texas Tech University System (TTUS) Board of Regents (BOR) approved a significantly revised version of the Operating Policy and Procedure (OP) 32.01: Promotion and Tenure Standards and Procedures. Knowing that an OP is not the liveliest reading material, but knowing too how important OP 32.01 is in the lives of tenure-track and tenured faculty members, I wanted to share some perspectives from a provost. Read more >

Study Abroad Programs Continue to Advance at Texas Tech

Study Abroad Programs Continue to Advance at Texas Tech

Bob Smith, Tibor Nagy, Rachel Pierce, and Scott Irlbeck

Texas Tech University (TTU) made considerable progress in 2011-2012 developing study abroad opportunities for students. The opportunities also extend to TTU faculty members who dedicate considerable creativity and energy to making study abroad programs maximally beneficial to our students and the university. Read more >

Information Literacy

French Language and Culture Study Abroad:
Reims, France, 2012

Carole Edwards and her students

This summer twenty-eight Texas Tech University (TTU) students took the less-traveled study abroad road to Reims, France. They took a leap of faith to contextualize all that they had learned on campus. Immersion is probably the most active learning experience one will ever take, albeit intimidating. In their own words, they chose to describe different aspects of the French language and culture study. Read more >

Sowell Collection Essay Contest

Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library Selects Winners of Sowell Collection Student Essay Contest

Cari Babitzke, Quinn Smith, and Jessica Schuhmann

Three students in Professor Mary Jane Hurst's Linguistic Approaches to Literature class competed successfully in a recently organized contest at TTU. Read more >

W. Mark Lanier

Life's a Buffet: Choose Wisely, Eat Well

W. Mark Lanier

School of Law Alumnus, 1984

Jerry Rawls

'From Here It's Possible':
It Is Clearly True for Texas Tech Graduates

Jerry Rawls

College of Engineering Alumnus, 1967