Texas Tech University.

Volume 5, Number 1; March 2013

TTUISD in Brazil

Bob Smith and Carole Edwards

The Texas Tech University Independent School District (TTUISD) English language high school diploma program in Brazil has expanded dramatically during the last year, and evidence for its continuing quality growth was gathered during a recent trip to Fortaleza and Recife in the northeast corner of the country. (Read More)

Students of Integrated Scholarship

Texas Tech Students of Integrated Scholarship
of 2013

Bob Smith, Rachel Pierce, and Scott Irlbeck

We turn our attention to twelve students who, akin to many faculty members, have been thriving as they follow a path of lifelong learning as Students of Integrated Scholarship. (Read More)

Fundamentals of Scholarly and Research Integrity

Fundamentals of Scholarly and Research Integrity

Kenneth D. Pimple

This paper concerns academic, scholarly, and research integrity across the whole range, including arts and humanities, social sciences, life science, physical science, and professional areas such as law, education, medicine, and business. (Read More)

Christus commencement

Open Teaching Concept 2013: Teaching Diversity Across the Curriculum

Aliza Wong and Jobi Martinez

The aim of the Open Teaching Concept is to explore the issues of diversity and social justice, access and disparities, policy and poverty over a variety of disciplines, methods, theories, and paradigms. (Read More)

Bob Smith

Love of Place, Family and Community, and Learning!

Bob Smith

Provost of Texas Tech University

Edward Whitacre, Jr.

Emulate Those Who Are Serving and Those Who Have Served Before You

Ray Mabus, Jr.

United States Secretary of the Navy