Distributed Learning Council


The Distributed Learning Council shall serve in an advisory capacity to the Provost regarding matters related to distributed learning. The Council provides leadership in determining academic policies, procedures and priorities concerning distributed learning. The Council also reviews proposals for distance and off-campus degrees and certificate programs.

Voting Membership:

Voting members shall consist of appointed representatives of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources; Architecture; Arts and Sciences; Business Administration; Education; Engineering; Graduate School; Honors; Human Sciences; Media and Communication; Visual & Performing Arts; Law School; Library; as well as representatives from the Office of the Provost: Division of Undergraduate Education and Student Affairs.

Ex-Officio Membership:

1) Provost Office representative; 2) Information Technology representative; 3) Institutional Research representative; 4) TTUHSC representative; 5) TLPDC representative; 6) Office of Planning & Assessment representative; 7) Faculty Senate; 8) Regional Site Directors; 8) Online & Distance Learning representative(s).


The deans of each college/school will appoint their representatives for voting members. The president of the Faculty Senate will appoint a representative; the provost will appoint the Provost's Office representative; the vice provost for undergraduate education will appoint the Division of Undergraduate Education and Student Affairs representatives; the associate vice president and chief information officer will appoint the informational technology representative; the president of the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center will appoint a TTUHSC representative; the vice provost for planning and assessment will appoint one representative each from the Office of Planning and Assessment and the Office of Institutional Research; the director of the Teaching, Learning & Professional Development Center will appoint a representative for that center; and the assistant vice provost for Online & Distance Learning will appoint the Online & Distance Learning representative. All appointed members serve at the pleasure of their supervisors and will serve a three-year term with the possibility of being reappointed.

Operating Procedures:

The council shall develop its own operating procedures subject to the approval of the provost. Copies of all minutes and reports are provided to all members of the council and submitted to the provost.


Each representative has one vote. Ex-officio representatives shall not vote, except that the chair of the Distributed Learning Council should vote to break any tie. Members' substitutes are considered to carry a full voting proxy.

Membership Term

Each DLC representative shall serve a term of three years.


The council is chaired by the assistant vice provost for Online & Distance Learning.


Name College/Department Term Began Term Ends
Borst, Stefanie College of Arts & Sciences 2014 2016
Duran, Cathy Division of Undergraduate Education and Student Affairs (representing Student Affairs) 2012 2015
Elbow, Gary Honors College 2012 2015
Fedler, Clifford Graduate School 2013 2016
Gilmore, Kristi College of Media and Communication 2014 2017
Hill, Glenn College of Architecture 2013 2016
Hughes, Patrick Division of Undergraduate Education and Student Affairs (representing Undergraduate Education) 2012 2015
Lock, Robin College of Education 2013 2015
Longing, Scott College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources 2014 2017
Scott, Jean College of Human Sciences 2012 2015
Slagle, Nancy College of Visual and Performing Arts 2013 2016
Sutton, Vicki School of Law 2013 2016
Austin, Kathy Information Technology Ex-officio  
Cox, Robert Faculty Senate Representative Ex-officio  
Driver, Richard Academic Support and Facilities Resources Ex-officio  
Gonzalez, Robert TTU at El Paso Ex-officio  
Greathouse, Karissa Teaching, Learning, and Professional Development Center Ex-officio  
Hart, Melanie Office of the Provost Ex-officio  
Louder, Justin (CHAIR) eLearning Ex-officio  
Martenson, Julie TTU at Fredericksburg and Highland Lakes Ex-officio  
McConnell, Pat Academic Testing Services Ex-officio  
Parsoneault, Catherine Office of the Provost Ex-officio  
Rolfe, Rial Health Sciences Center Ex-officio  
Snell, Lewis TTU at Waco Ex-officio  
Stubblefield, Robert TTU at Junction Ex-officio  
Tapp, Suzanne Teaching, Learning, and Professional Development Center Ex-officio  
West, Vicki Institutional Research and Information Management Ex-officio