Texas Tech University

Library Committee


The Library Committee is responsible for facilitating communications between the Library and faculty and student users; serving as the sounding board for the Library to try out ideas, plans for the future, proposed policies and goals prior to presentation to the campus community; and advising the provost on matters pertaining to the general policies affecting the university's libraries, including such matters as needs, plans, budget, functions and operational procedures.


Terms are three years for faculty, two years for deans and one year for students.  Faculty members may not serve consecutive terms.  Student members may be reappointed for an additional year but may not serve three consecutive years.  Faculty or student members who miss more than two called meetings per academic year through non-excused absences shall be dismissed from the committee and replaced by a new members. 

Operating Procedures:

The committee shall develop its own operating procedures subject to the approval of the provost.  The committee is responsible for setting its own agenda under the general guidelines contained in the charge section.  Copies of any minutes or reports are to be provided to the officer to whom the committee reports, to the Faculty Senate and to the University Library.  The chairperson may be invited to visit the Faculty Senate to inform the Senate of the activities of the committee during the year.


The committee will be chaired by a vice provost appointed by the PSVPAA and the president of the Faculty Senate. The chairperson should be mindful that it may be necessary to call meetings of the Library Committee during the summer months.


See below membership code.

Name College/Department Membership Code Term Began Term Ends
Bigler, Gavin Student Member
2017 2018
Cargile Cook, Kelli College of Arts and Sciences
2016 2019
Gring, Mark College of Media and Communication
2016 2019
Kalenkoski, Charlene College of Human Sciences
2016 2019
Waggoner, Matt Student Member 2 2017 2018
Gerlich, Bella University Libraries
Stewart, Rob Office of the Provost
Wilde, Gene President of Faculty Senate

Membership Code:

  1. Six (6) members of the faculty (Three year appointment)
    1. Three (3) members will be designated by the PSVPAA
    2. Three (3) members appointed by Faculty Senate
  2. Two (2) deans (Two year appointment)
  3. Two (2) students (One year appointment)
  4. Dean of Libraries, Ex-officio
  5. Vice Provost appointed by PSVPAA to serve as chair, Ex-officio
  6. President of Faculty Senate to serve as chair, Ex-officio