Texas Tech University

Provost Council


The Provost's Council provides leadership in determining academic policies and procedures and recommends request for new degree programs. This body is also active in developing long range plans for the university.


Appointments, where indicated, will be made by the provost.

Operating Procedures:

The council will develop its own operating procedures subject to approval by the provost. Copies of any minutes or reports are to be provided to the president, to the provost, to the Faculty Senate, and to the University Library.


The provost will be the chairperson of the council.


Name College/Department
Austin Beltz, Katherine Information Technology
Blum, Shane Teaching Academy
Cook, Chris Communications and Marketing
Dickerson, Darby School of Law
Fraze, Steve College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources
Galyean, Michael Interim Provost
Gerlich, Bella University Library
Goebel, Paul Rawls College of Business Administration
Herring, Paul Office of Institutional Advancement
Hoover, Linda College of Human Sciences
Inskip-Paulk, Liz Staff Senate
Lindquist, Brent College of Arts and Sciences
Logan, Ethan Enrollment Management
Loneragan, Guy Office of the Vice President for Research
Munoz, Juan Office of the Provost
Nagy, Tibor Office of the Provost
Perlmutter, David College of Media and Communication
Ridley, Scott College of Education
Sacco, Al College of Engineering
San Francisco, Michael Honors College
Scott, Jean Faculty Ombudsperson
Segran, Sam Information Technology
Sheridan, Mark Graduate School
Sloan, Noel Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance
Stewart, Rob Office of the Provost
Wilde, Gene Faculty Senate
Williamson, Jim College of Architecture
Zahler, Noel College of Visual and Performing Arts