Texas Tech University

Barbie Chambers

Rawls College of Business

Barbie Chambers Barbie Chambers is a visiting assistant professor of practice in the area of management. She teaches courses in managerial communications and organization and management. Her research interests include:

  • Consumer behavior and identity salience in brand relationships
  • Management of marketing functions in small business
  • Uncertainty reduction through information seeking
  • Health care communication strategy

Professor Chambers brings with her more than 18 years' experience in marketing, advertising and public relations, working in the health care and financial fields. Most recently, she spent almost 10 years at The Price Group, where she worked as principal, vice president for strategic planning.

She will have an article published in spring 2012 that examines YouTube as a form of public opinion and has several conference presentations on topics such as ad agency use of corporate websites, change and experience in the 2008 presidential election, and the fandom of the "Twilight" brand. In addition to scholarship in these areas, professor Chambers has served as consultant on projects related to strategic planning, management, and product development. She has also taught courses in research methods, public relations, graphic design, advertising management, and account planning.

Professor Chambers is in the process of completing her dissertation from Texas Tech University's College of Media and Communication, where she is studying consumers with strong brand relationships in order to develop a construct called Brandfans.