Texas Tech University

Kellilynn M. Frias

Rawls College of Business

Kellilynn Frias Dr. Kellilynn Frias is an assistant professor of marketing. Her teaching interests include:

  • marketing strategy
  • business-to-business (B2B) marketing
  • marketing of innovations
  • new product development
  • marketing and law

Professor Frias' research focuses on understanding the factors that impact a firm's decision of "what to sell." Specifically, in the context of high-technology innovations, her research investigates the three principal ways in which innovators can commercialize their innovations:

  • market intellectual know-how (via licensing and/or proof-of-concept)
  • market intermediate products (sell components/sub-systems)
  • market end-products (sell complete systems/solutions)

She studies these fundamental strategic options – called product-form choice – and the impact of key technology, firm-level and environmental factors on this decision.

Professor Frias worked in the field of labor relations and corporate litigation prior to entering graduate school.

She received her Ph.D. in marketing from the University of Arizona in 2011. She is a Kauffman Dissertation Fellow as well as the recipient of an Institute for the Study of Business Markets Dissertation Proposal Prize.