Texas Tech University

James Sheng

College of Engineering, Bob L. Herd Department of Petroleum Engineering

James Sheng Dr. James Sheng is an associate professor of petroleum engineering. He has developed his expertise in the areas of enhanced oil recovery, reservoir simulation and numerical modeling, well and formation testing, heavy oil recovery, reservoir management and production forecasting. His research interests include:

  • Improved/enhanced oil recovery
  • Hydrocarbon recovery in fractured reservoirs and unconventional reservoirs
  • Aquifer remediation and waste cleanup
  • Heavy oil recovery
  • Well testing analysis, formation testing and sampling
  • Reservoir simulation

Professor Sheng previously spent more than 20 years working in the oil industry for TOTAL, Baker Hughes, Shell, Kuwait Oil Co., Alberta Research Council and China National Petroleum Co.

He holds a Ph.D. in petroleum engineering from the University of Alberta. He has co-authored more than 40 papers, and he holds four U.S. patents and two provisional U.S. patents. Recently, Elsevier published his book Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery.

Additionally, professor Sheng has received several professional awards, including the Outstanding Technical Editor Award (2005) and Outstanding Associate Editor Award (2008) for SPEREE and the Best Paper Award in JCPT (1997). He was an associate editor (2005-2009) for SPEREE and an associate editor for the Journal of Petroleum Science and Technology (2008-2011). He is also a member of the SPE "A Peer Apart" group; each member in this group reviewed more than 100 SPE papers. Professor Sheng has served as technical editor for JCPT (1996-2000), SPEREE (2005 – 2010), SPWLA (2005), SPEJ (2006) and J. Pet. Sci. Eng. (2008 – present). He also served as secretary for the SPE Kuwait section (1998-1999).