Texas Tech University

Ryan B. Williams

College of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources, Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics

Ryan B. Williams Dr. Ryan B. Williams is an assistant professor in the Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics. He specializes in environmental and resource economics, with research focused on water resources, energy resources and land use. Professor Williams is particularly interested in the water-energy nexus and how society will value those resources in the future. His current research includes:

  • an evaluation of the role that renewable energy portfolio standards have on the development of wind energy resources
  • policy implications of virtual water trade in West Texas
  • the economic cost of water resources used in hydraulic fracturing

Professor Williams received his Bachelor of Arts in economics from Emory University (1999). He earned a master's degree in economics from North Carolina State University (2005) prior to completing his Ph.D. in economics at Texas Tech University (2009). Professor Williams takes great pride in his teaching of economics and works to make the field attractive to majors and non-majors alike. While pursuing his doctorate at Texas Tech, he was named a Helen DeVitt Jones Outstanding Doctoral Graduate Part-Time Instructor.