Texas Tech University

Gina Castle Bell

College of Media & Communication, Department of Communication Studies

Gina Castle Bell Gina Castle Bell is an assistant professor in the Department of Communication Studies. Her research interests include:

  • intercultural communication
  • interpersonal communication and healthy relationships
  • interracial communication
  • black and white communication
  • black communication and identity
  • research methodologies
  • qualitative methods
  • communication theory

Castle Bell earned her Ph.D. from George Mason University with an emphasis on intercultural and healthy communication. Her M.A. is in interpersonal communication from the University of Central Florida. During her M.A. program, she specialized in interracial and intercultural communication. Castle Bell earned a double B.A. from the University of Central Florida in interpersonal communication and political science with a French language minor.

Castle Bell is the author of several research articles in intercultural, interracial and interpersonal communication. Specifically, her publication topics include how black and white interracial couples manage relational disapproval through facework, whiteness in the college classroom, and paraphrasing and active listening in peer interviews. She recently co-authored a book chapter on health disparities, which is also in press. She is currently examining the relative effectiveness of active listening in initial interactions, stereotypical images of black women and black men on NBC's "Parenthood," Black Friday as a communication ritual, facework theory, and the role of family approval in mitigating face threats for black and white interracial couples.

Castle Bell has a strong commitment to service and excellence. She actively participates in academic conferences, submitting three articles to NCA in 2011 and five to ECA in 2011. She also presented a paper at WSCA in 2011. In 2012 she will present three presentations at NCA. She is also serving as the secretary for the Voices of Diversity interest group at ECA for 2013. She is an active reviewer for the African American Communication and Culture Division. As a doctoral student, she received two awards for her commitment to the graduate program, an award for going the extra mile, a dissertation-finishing grant and an award for her continuous excellence in the Ph.D. program.