Texas Tech University

Erin-Marie Legacey

College of Arts & Sciences, Department of History

Erin-Marie Legacey Dr. Erin-Marie Legacey is an assistant professor of French history.  Her current work focuses on the social and cultural effects of the French Revolution, particularly in 19th century Paris. Her doctoral dissertation, “Living with the Dead in Post-Revolutionary Paris, 1795-1820s,” addressed this topic by examining the important role that “the dead” played in the reconstruction of Paris after the revolution. Her dissertation analyzed how artists, academics and ordinary Parisians designed and used new spaces to contain the dead (cemeteries, catacombs and museums) as a way to foster social cohesion in an era of political instability. She is currently revising this project for publication.

Legacey earned her doctorate at Northwestern University in 2011. She also holds a Master of Arts from Queen's University (2004) and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Guelph (2002). Her research has been supported by major fellowships, including a doctoral fellowship from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. 

Prior to arriving at Texas Tech, she taught at Northwestern University, Colby College and Eastern Connecticut State University.  

Legacey's classes focus on the history of modern France and Europe. She regularly teaches about the French Revolution and Napoleon, Paris, the dead, as well as general French and European history since 1500.