Texas Tech University

Esen Ogus

College of Visual & Performing Arts, School of Art

Esen Ogus-Uzun Esen Ogus is an assistant professor in ancient Mediterranean art history. Her courses focus on Greek and Roman art and archaeology. Her research interests are:

  • Roman art, particularly sculpture
  • Roman sarcophagi and funerary art
  • art of the Greek east under the Roman Empire
  • art under the Second Sophistic
  • power of images
  • objects used as agents in antiquity

Ogus' dissertation, titled “Columnar Sarcophagi from Aphrodisias: Construction of Elite Identity in the Greek East,” examines a body of sarcophagi from the ancient city of Aphrodisias in modern Turkey, where she has done several years of fieldwork. The dissertation explores the social and cultural meaning of the sarcophagus reliefs within the local context and the broader burial culture in Asia Minor. The work is complementary to the recent scholarly interest on the meaning of sarcophagus reliefs in the Roman world.

Ogus earned her doctorate from Harvard University, Department of History of Art and Architecture.