Texas Tech University

Joyce Robinson

College of Human Sciences, Department of Design

Joyce Robinson Joyce Robinson is an assistant professor in the Apparel Design and Manufacturing program. Robinson has taught a variety of courses, such as beginning clothing construction, intermediate clothing construction, tailoring, flat pattern making, visual communications in fashion design and merchandising, basic principles of clothing design, and fashion illustration. Robinson's research interests are the enhancement and development of creativity in student learning, and students' perceptions of teacher attire. More precisely, her research focuses on:

  • the affect of parental encouragement and the role of the teacher in the development of creativity
  • the tolerance of ambiguity in relation to creativity
  • the environment and inspiration to create
  • how the student perceives the teachers' level of professionalism based on teacher attire

Robinson's research has been presented at numerous conferences, International Textile and Apparel Association, and the Association of American Family and Consumer Sciences. In addition to research, Robinson has been recognized for her creative work. Her creative work has been presented at conferences, including International Textile and Apparel Association, American Quilters Society, and Association of American Family and Consumer Sciences.

Robinson's article titled "Definitions of Creativity" appeared in the Online Journal of Workforce Education and Development in 2008, and another article "Rationale and Norms for Teacher Dress Codes: A Review of Employee Handbooks" appeared in National Association of Secondary School Principals in 2011.

Robinson graduated from Southern Illinois University with a Bachelor of Science in clothing and textiles. She received her Master of Science in workforce education and development and her Ph.D. in education and human sciences from Southern Illinois University.