Texas Tech University

Jeffrey Nesbit

College of Architecture

Jeffrey Nesbit Jeffrey S Nesbit holds a Master of Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania and received his first Master of Architecture and Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Texas Tech University. During his thesis and post-professional studies Nesbit focused his architectural inquiry into issues of urbanism and the constructed landscapes, including the post-industrial landscapes of the Imperial Sugar Factory in Sugar Land, Texas, and Hunter's Point South in Queens, New York. Currently, his work investigates urban organizational strategies based upon the generation and evolution of topological behaviors. In particular, evaluating the analysis and synthesis of phase transitions through the oscillating tissues of an interconnected urban fabric.

Immediately upon completion with graduate school, Nesbit co-led a design team within the international design studio in Seoul, Korea, for Heerim Architects. His competition submittal for the Central National Infrastructural Agency in Abu Dhabi, collaborated with J. Arndt, received first place and contract awarded. In the fall of 2009 he returned to Texas, working as a designer for Kell Muñoz Architects in San Antonio. While with KMA, his design proposal for Edwards Aquifer Authority office building, renovation and addition received first place, and KMA was awarded contract. More recently, his work on the existing Department of Sanitation Marine Transfer Facility in West Harlem New York with Urban Quotient was selected for publication and exhibition at the Center for Architecture in New York City in 2012. Nesbit has received various honors for both his works and research and has been selected for multiple exhibits and publications. In addition to directing the experimental architecture group Haecceitas Studio, he teaches various design studios and seminars on theory in architecture and urbanism.