Texas Tech University

Sheila Scott-Halsell

College of Human Sciences, Department of Hospitality and Retail Management

S Scott-HalssellSheila Scott-Halsell, PhD, CHA is a Professor and Associate Director of Hospitality & Retailing Management at Texas Tech University. She teaches courses in Hospitality Management, Human Resources and Marketing, along with Beverage Management, and Hotel Group Sales and Service. Her research is focused on behaviorism in hospitality. She believes with a better understanding of the perceptions, values and behaviors of individuals and groups, planning for success can be more efficiently achieved and the discoveries will serve as a good resource from which to base educational experiences. Prior to completing her graduate degrees, Scott-Halsell spent 17 years in hospitality management. She managed in the areas of restaurants, hotels, private clubs, casinos and event planning where she held positions of assistant manager, general manager and owner/operator. She is active in many industry organizations and maintains close ties with the hospitality industry.