Texas Tech University

Dino Villegas

Rawls College of Business, Department of Marketing

Dino Villegas

Dr. Villegas is an Associate Professor of Practice in the area of Marketing.

Prior his arrival to the Rawls College of Business at Texas Tech University, Dr. Villegas had over a decade of experience as a consultant in industries such as mining, construction, postal services, transport, financial services and banks, retail, telecommunications, government institutions, political campaigns, and non-profits organization among others.

Dr. Villegas has taught graduate and undergraduate courses in Marketing, Marketing and Media, Research, Entrepreneurship, Communication Strategy, Services Marketing, Sales Management, and International Marketing.

Has been invited to conference in Latin America and Europe. His research interests focus on Strategic Theory, Strategic Communications, Viral Marketing, Content Strategy, Social Media, Linguistic Style and Marketing.

Currently is the Vice President of the Iberoamerican Communication Strategies Forum (FISEC), a research group that brings together academics from over 20 countries and the faculty advisor for the Tech Marketing Association.

Dr. Dino Villegas was born and raised in Chile, got his PhD at University of Lleida-Spain and is a proud father of Lucas and Pascual.