Texas Tech University

Emily Dhurandhar

College of Arts & Sciences, Department of Kinesiology & Sports Management

Dr. Dhurandhar studies the psychosocial, environmental, and dietary factors that influence human energy balance and obesity. She studies the role of breakfast and dietary protein in weight loss and appetite control, and also performs real-world weight control interventions to better inform public policy about obesity. She also studies the role of adversity and food insecurity in weight gain. Dr. Dhurandhar received her PhD in Human Nutrition from the Department of Human Ecology, Louisiana State University and did a postdoctoral fellowship with the Nutrition Obesity Research Center at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Before joining TTU she was an Assistant Professor in the Department of Health Behavior, University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Recent Scholarship: Dhurandhar EJ. 2016. The food-insecurity obesity paradox: A resource scarcity hypothesis. Physiol Behav. 162:88-92.