Texas Tech University

George Zhuo Tan

Whitacre College of Engineering, Department of Industrial Engineering

george tanGeorge Z. Tan is an Assistant Professor of Industrial, Manufacturing and Systems Engineering at Texas Tech University. His research interests are in the area of technology integration and system optimization of advanced manufacturing for regenerative medicine and tissue engineering.

George received his B.S. degree in Statistics from Communication University of China, Beijing, in 2009. He worked as an Assistant Systems Engineer at China Film Crest Digital Co.,Ltd., a China-US joint venture in Beijing, from 2009 to 2010. George joined the graduate program in Industrial and Systems Engineering at North Carolina State University in Fall 2010. As a Research/Teaching Assistant, George had made innovative contributions in systems engineering of antimicrobial medical devices and applications of additive manufacturing in tissue engineering. His primary research projects included an electrically activated silver-based implant system for orthopaedic infection control, the anti-biofilm activity of metal nano-mesh surface structure and the supply chain architecture for autologous cell therapy.

George received his M.IE degree in 2012 and PhD degree in 2015 from NC State. From August 2015 to August 2016, He worked as a Senior Project Engineer at Polyzen Inc. at Apex, North Carolina. He has led six projects of prototype design and fabrication process development for plastic medical devices and components based on polymer processing technologies, including dip molding, RF welding and lay flat tubing. He is the co-inventor of two US patents for specimen retrieval systems.