Texas Tech University

Monica Martin

College of Human Sciences, Department of Human Development & Family Studies

Monica MartinMonica J. Martin, Assistant Professor, studies the influence of economic, racial, and ethnic disparities on families and individual development, with a primary focus on behavioral and mental health problems such as delinquency, substance involvement, and criminal behaviors. She is particularly interested in gaining a better understanding of processes that may promote resilience and interrupt the developmental course of problem behaviors. Dr. Martin received her PhD in Sociology from the University of California, Davis. Prior to joining the faculty at TTU, she worked as a research scientist on National Institutes of Health funded studies.

Recent Scholarship: Martin, M. J., Conger, R. D., Sitnick, S. L., Masarik, A. S., Forbes, E. E., & Shaw, D. S. (2015). Reducing risk for substance use by economically disadvantaged young men: Positive family environments and pathways to educational attainment. Child Development, 86, 1719-1737.