Texas Tech University

Natasja van Gestel

College of Arts & Sciences, Texas Tech Climate Science Center

Dr. van Gestel's research focuses on quantitative global change ecology, from terrestrial biogeochemical cycles in response to climate change, to biodiversity to sustainable agriculture. She utilizes a variety of quantitative approaches, including data assimilation, meta-analyses, Bayesian and multivariate analyses. Natasja has worked in many ecosystems, from deserts to grasslands to forests to the poles, and at different scales, from the microbial to the ecosystem level. She integrates ecological thinking with cutting-edge quantitative approaches. Her postdoc research was at the Center for Ecosystem Science and Society at Northern Arizona University where she addressed a pivotal question in the field of global change: determining the strength of the feedback between warming and ecosystem C storage. Dr. van Gestel received her PhD in Biological Science at Texas Tech University.

Recent Scholarship: Morrissey, E, Mau RL, Schwartz E, Caporaso G, Dijkstra P, van Gestel N, Koch BJ, Liu CM, Hayer M, McHugh T, Marks JC, Price LB, Hungate BA. 2016. Phylogenetic organization of microbial activity. ISME J 10:2336-2340