Texas Tech University

Richard Lutjens

College of Arts & Sciences, Department if History

Dr. Lutjens is a historian of modern Germany who focuses on the Weimar Republic, Nazi Germany, and the Holocaust. His research examines the experiences of historically and socially marginalized groups during these periods. His forthcoming book, In Plain Sight: The "Hidden" Jews of Nazi Berlin, 1941 – 1945, examines the daily experiences of life in hiding for the 1,700 Berlin Jews who survived the Holocaust by fleeing deportation and living in the shadows of the capital of Nazi Germany. Richard is also working on a new project that examines the role played by perpetrators of so-called "ordinary crime" in the exploitation of Jewish-Germans in Nazi Germany. Dr. Lutjens received his PhD in History from Northwestern University in 2012. Prior to joining TTU, Richard served as a visiting assistant professor at Loyola University Maryland.

Recent Scholarship: "Vom Untertauchen: "U-Boote" und der Berliner Alltag" was published in 2013 in the volume Alltag im Holocaust: Jüdisches Leben im Großdeutschen Reich 1941 – 1945 (Löw, Bergen, Hájková, eds.); "Jews in Hiding in Nazi Berlin, 1941 – 1945: A Demographic Survey." [Forthcoming in Holocaust and Genocide Studies 31:2 (2017)]; "Ordinary Crime and the Persecution of Jewish Germans in Deportation-Era Berlin" [Forthcoming in Holocaust and Genocide Studies]