Texas Tech University

Shuo Wang

College of Arts & Sciences, Department of Geosciences

Shuo WangDr. Shuo Wang is a research assistant professor at the Department of Geosciences. His research interests include:

  • uncertainty quantification and data assimilation for hydroclimatic forecast
  • hydrologic extremes and risk assessment
  • high-resolution climate projection and climate change impact studies
  • GIS and geostatistical analysis

Wang has a strong background in computer science and computational statistics, which provides a solid foundation for conducting cutting-edge interdisciplinary research. Over the past several years, Wang has developed a series of computational approaches and tools for quantifying uncertainties and interactions in hydrologic predictions, advancing our understanding of nonlinear dynamics in hydrologic systems and increasing the credibility of hydrologic predictions.

Wang received his Ph.D. in Environmental Systems Engineering from the University of Regina in 2015. Prior to joining TTU, Wang was an NSERC Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Civil Engineering at McMaster University.