Texas Tech University

Steven Henderson

Whitacre College of Engineering, Department of Petroleum Engineeering

Steven HendersonDr. Henderson's primary research interests are petrophysics and well log analysis of conventional and unconventional reservoirs. Specifically, those interests include identifying novel methods of exploiting traditional subsurface petrophysical data at the field level to help independent oil and gas operators better understand their reservoir and maximize its hydrocarbon production. Attendant interests include core-to-log calibration, electrofacies and diagenetic regime analysis using well logs, and log quality control. Henderson received his Ph.D. in geosciences (subdisciplines: applied petrophysics and petroleum geology) from Texas Tech University in 1995. Prior to joining the TTU petroleum engineering department, he was an open hole field professional in the Permian Basin and lead technical instructor for Halliburton Wireline and Perforating.