Texas Tech University

Subha Pratihar

College of Arts & Sciences, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Subha PratiharDr. Pratihar's current research interests are to study the atomistic details of several processes such as: 1) Dynamics of soft landing of peptide ions on organic surfaces, 2) Dynamics of energy exchange in turbulent flows, 3) Dynamics of poly aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) aggregation and dissociation related to soot formation, 4) Dynamics of chemical reactions in the gas phase and 5) Dynamics of collision induced dissociation of peptide ions. Dr. Pratihar applies advanced computational tools like: full quantum chemical calculations, chemical dynamics simulations, classical, QM+MM or QM/MM computer simulations etc. to delineate the structures, mechanisms and energetics of the above mentioned processes. Dr. Pratihar received her PhD in Computational Physical Chemistry from the Indian Institute of Technology- Kanpur, India. Dr. Pratihar did postdoctoral studies with Dr. William L. Hase at the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry of Texas Tech University.

Recent Publications: S. Pratihar, G. L. Barnes, and W. L. Hase, (2016) Chemical Dynamics Simulations of Energy Transfer, Surface-Induced Dissociation, Soft-Landing, and Reactive-Landing in Collisions of Protonated Peptide Ions with Organic Surfaces", Chem. Soc. Rev. DOI: 10.1039/C5CS00482A [Impact factor: 33.38] (Accepted for cover page)

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