Texas Tech University

Zhe Wang

College of Human Sciences, Department of Human Development & Family Studies

Zhe WangZhe Wang, Assistant Professor, studies individual differences in the development of socio-emotional outcomes, cognitive abilities, and educational attainments in children and young adolescents, and parenting behaviors in adults. Her research incorporates genetic, physiological, and behavioral approaches and examines how factors at these levels interact with environmental contexts (e.g., socioeconomic backgrounds, chaotic households, and harsh parenting) to produce diverse developmental trajectories. Additionally, she takes a reciprocal transactional approach where she also studies how family context and child characteristics, in turn, contribute to stress and harsh reactive parenting behaviors in parents. In her research, she utilizes a variety of kinship designs and combines them with multi-wave longitudinal data and advanced statistical modeling to reveal the complex transactional processes in development.

Dr. Wang received her PhD in Psychology from Virginia Tech and postdoctoral training from The Ohio State University, specializing in developmental and biological psychology and quantitative genetic methodologies.