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2016 Alumni College

Humanities Center's 2016 Alumni College Fellows received a $2,000 fellowship and participated in Alumni College, which took place on Saturday, October 15, 2016 during the university's Homecoming Activities. Fellows' presentations began at 8:00 a.m. inside the McKenzie-Merket Alumni Center. Photographs by Mark Umstot.


Kanika Batra


Kanika Batra, Ph.D.
Associate Professor – English

"Imprinting Gender and Sexuality under Apartheid"




Curtis Bauer

Curtis Bauer, Ph.D.
Associate Professor – English

"Scrittore Traditore: Examining Style and Influence in the Translations of the Mexican author Fabio Morábito"


Caroline Bishop


Caroline Bishop, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor – CMLL: Greek & Roman History

"How to Make a Roman Demosthenes: Cicero's Construction of a Tradition"


Idoia Elola

Idoia Elola, Ph.D.
Associate Professor – CMLL: Spanish

"Defining Linguistic Landscapes Through Written Signage in Four Hispanic Flea Markets in Texas"





Hannah Friedman


Hannah Friedman, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor – CMLL: Classics

"Piecing Together The Ancient City: The Libarna Archaeological Project"





Andrea Jonsson

Andrea Jonsson, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor – CMLL: French

"Acting Vulnerable: Performed Sincerity and Authenticity in the Voices of Jacques Brel and Stromae"



Amy Koerber


 Amy Koerber, Ph.D.
Professor – English

"The Hormonal Woman: A Critical Exploration of Expert and Public Discourses"




Curtis Bauer

Victoria Surliuga, Ph.D.
Associate Professor – CMLL: Italian

"Peggy Guggenheim in Venice: A Self-Professed Art Addict"



Kanika Batra


 Joel Velasco, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor – Philosophy

"The Principles of Rationality: Deciding what to Believe and How to Reason"




Heather Warren-Crow

Heather Warren-Crow, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor – Visual & Performing Arts

"Magic Moments: Girlhood and Viral Theory in the Internet Age"




symptoms panelJohn Beusterien (left) Bruce Clarke (front) Caroline Bishop (back, purple), Christopher Witmore (right) and an unidentified guest attend the 2016 Alumni College presentations.

symptoms panelGary Elbow (right) and guest focus on a presentation during the 2016 Alumni College event held in the McKenzie-Merket Alumni Center.

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