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Visiting Scholar, Barnaby Chesterton

Barnaby Chesterton

The Humanities Center is pleased to announce that our Visiting Scholar for Spring 2017 is Barnaby Chesterton, Durham University, Durham, United Kingdom. 

Barnaby's project is titled "The Role of Media in the Representation of Future Reception in Ancient Greek Poetry, from the Archaic to the Hellenistic Period."

His research examines representations of reception in ancient Greek poetry, focusing on instances in which authors present an imagined future reception of their work. He will assess how the conceptualization of poetic reception as a future activity was influenced by developments in the medial form of poetry (from oral - and inscribed - to the papyrus-roll), and, further, how the establishment of a linear chronology from poetic composition to future reception drastically influenced authorial self-perception.

Barnaby will present his talk, "Now and Forever: Past, Present, and Future(s) in Ancient Greek Epigram," on Thursday, April 20th in School of Art B-01. Reception will follow. 

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