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Talking Back to Wordscape

"Talking Back to Wordscape"
A Faculty Panel
Wednesday, April 27, 2016
Formby Room, Southwest Collection
4:00-5:00 p.m.

A faculty panel presented original papers in response to the Humanities Center's Wordscape exhibit which is on display at the TTU Museum and also exists electronically on a kiosk and has a user-friendly program that allows people to select from three captions the one they think belongs best with an individual image. The captions all fit, but they don't all say the same thing, so what is right for one person is completely wrong for another. E.g., is a dog with its teeth bared a threat, protection, or in pain? The talks on the faculty panel represented various examinations and interpretations of data in relation to the 2015-16 Humanities Center theme, Synoptics: Epistemologies of the Observer. 

Dr. Erik Bucy, Marshall and Sharleen Formby Regents Professor of Strategic Communication – Advertising
"Mindful for You, Mindless for Me: The Particularized Appeal of Interactive Exhibits"

Prof. Matthew Schlief, Assistant Professor – Theatre & Dance
"Turning a Thousand Words into a Picture: Theatre Design"

Dr. Jean Scott, Professor – Human Development & Family Studies
"Optics on Aging: Possibilities or Problems"

Dr. Amelia Talley, Assistant Professor – Experimental (Social) Psychology
"A Synoptic Perspective of Social Constructivism: In Diversity, There is Opportunity"


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