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Humanities Center Working Groups

The Humanities Center is pleased to announce funding for several Working Groups to support innovative thinking that fuels original work in the humanities and adds to TTU's vibrant, trans-disciplinary research culture. As we recognize that strong work often takes time and sustained debate, the Humanities Center will fund groups to investigate a subject of common concern over a sustained period of time and will offer grants to support projects spanning one, two or three years. Members should comprise a core group of tenured and/or tenure-track faculty, ideally representing multiple disciplines; the broader group may also include post-docs, graduate students, and other qualified researchers (at least two-thirds of the group must be tenured or tenure-track faculty).

Funding in support of projects undertaken by each working group will be as follows:
Groups meeting for one year--$1000
Groups meeting for two years--$3000 ($1500 distributed each year)
Groups meeting for three years--$5000 ($1500 distributed each of the first two years; $2000 distributed in the final year)

These funds may be used as startup money in support of developing a major project, to facilitate interdisciplinary collaborations, or otherwise with an eye to advancing national and/or international impact and showcasing the quality of humanistic research at TTU.

Those wishing to apply should prepare a proposal containing the following IN A SINGLE PDF:

  1. A Project Narrative of no more than 1000 words detailing the goal (or goals) of the group, the core members of the group (with academic field specified for each) and an explanation of their qualifications and planned contributions to the group's project.
  2. A Short Budget that details the expenses associated with the group's activities as well as identifying likely sources of any additional funds necessary to achieve the group's goals.
  3. An Appendix containing very brief CVs (no more than one page each) highlighting each member's work and experience of direct relevance to the group's goals.

Additionally, groups will be required to submit a summary report each year for which funding is granted by the Humanities Center. For the two and three year groups, continued funding will be based on the successful completion of the group's goals as specified in the Project Narrative and Short Budget.

Please send proposals to humanitiescenter@ttu.edu. Send your proposal as a single PDF. Please use the subject line:(your last name) Working Group FY2019. (E.g., Garrick Working Group Proposal FY2019). Proposals are due by 5pm on October 12, 2018. Decisions will be announced by October 22nd.

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