Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out what kinds of courses are already in the core curriculum?

Can I submit any course for the core curriculum?

The course should be a 1000- or 2000-level course. Requests for higher-level courses are strongly discouraged and must be accompanied by a justification that explains why a lower-level course cannot be substituted for the upper-level one. The course must be designed for any student to take as part of his or her general university education (as opposed to courses designed primarily for a major or specialization). Please note that the THECB strongly discourages the inclusion of upper level courses in the core.

Can my course have prerequisites?

The course must not have any prerequisites unless there is a clear sequence of courses in the component area such as MATH 1300 and Math 2300 or CHEM 1307 and CHEM 1308. In the case of sequenced courses, both courses must be submitted together and approved concurrently. The prerequisite relationship must be stated clearly (i.e., course A must be completed before a student may enroll in course B).

How do I know what to put in my syllabus?

Please use the references available in the Course Proposals section.

I'm developing a brand new course to submit to the core. Does my proposal go straight from me to the Core Curriculum Committee?

No. Please follow all required departmental and college procedures for new course submission and approval.

I want to submit an existing course to the core. Does my proposal go straight from me to the Core Curriculum Committee?

No. You are required to obtain approval from your department chairperson and from your college in the form of signatures on the proposal. It is your responsibility to follow any specific approval procedures required for core curriculum course proposals within your department and your college. If you are not sure what those procedures are, please consult with your department chairperson.

Are there deadlines associated with submitting core curriculum course proposals?

Yes. All courses must be submitted to the Core Curriculum Committee by Friday, January 23rd. (This means that new courses must be approved by the Academic Council-following departmental and college approval sequencing-no later than the Council's January 20th meeting.)

If accepted, when will my course be listed in the core curriculum?

Accepted courses will be presented to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board for review on or before February 15, 2015. Approved courses will be listed in the 2015-2016 academic catalog as part of Texas Tech University's core curriculum.

What if I want to submit a course for Texas Tech University's Multicultural requirement?

Please read the guidelines governing the Multicultural requirement. The timeline for submission of Multicultural course proposals is the same as the timeline for submission of Core Curriculum course proposals, though the Multicultural course proposals will not go to the THECB for review.

What if I want to remove my course from the core curriculum or Multicultural area?

To remove your course from the Core Curriculum, please complete and submit the Course Removal form available on this website. Please note that this form requires your department chairperson's signature and that it also must be submitted to the Core Curriculum Committee by January 23rd.

Do I have to use the format of the template syllabus to submit a course to the Core Curriculum or the Multicultural area?

Using the template syllabus is preferred. However, if you have already developed your syllabus and/or already begun the approval sequencing process required by your college, you are not required to go back and change your syllabus to fit the template.

If you do not use the template provided, you must still include with your syllabus the following general proposal information:

Course Type (new or existing):



Number of sections to be offered per year:

Estimated total enrollment per year:

Contact person (name, phone number, email):

Department Chairperson Signature

College Representative Signature

What happens after I submit my proposal to the Core Curriculum Committee?

The Core Curriculum Committee will review all submitted proposals. The Committee will evaluate syllabi using the following questions:

  1. Is the proposal complete?
  2. If the course is new, has it been approved by Academic Council? Please note, if the answer to either or both of the questions above is "no," your syllabus will not be considered for the 2015-2016 Core Curriculum.
  3. Does the course purpose statement describe the relevance of the course to its Foundational Component area and/or the Multicultural Requirement?
  4. Does the course content (evidenced in the course purpose statement, course-specific student learning outcomes, and schedule) clearly relate to the THECB objectives (if applicable), the college-level competency statement, and the TTU student learning outcomes?
  5. Do the assessment methods clearly relate to the THECB objectives (if applicable), the college-level competency statement, and the TTU student learning outcomes?
  6. Is the course distinct from other courses already in the Core Curriculum?

Courses approved by the Core Curriculum Committee will be sent to the THECB for review and approval. The Associate Vice Provost for Academic Affairs will notify all proposal authors when the THECB has made its decision.

Do I have to assess my core curriculum course in a specific way?

Yes. We are required to report core curriculum assessment data to the THECB annually. If your course is accepted for inclusion in the 2015-2016 core, you will receive clear instructions on how to implement your assessment and report your data.