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Multicultural Requirement Course Request Process

The Multicultural Curriculum Committee, a subcommittee for the Core Curriculum Committee has developed new student learning outcomes for the multicultural course graduation requirement (attached). These new SLOs have been approved by the Core Curriculum Committee and the Academic Council and will go into effect in fall, 2014 along with the new core curriculum. In order to implement these new SLOs the Multicultural Curriculum Committee has developed a process similar to that used for the core curriculum. The list of courses that satisfy the multicultural requirement in the 2013-2014 University Catalog will be terminated, effective at the beginning of fall semester, 2014. It will be replaced by a new list of courses that address the new student learning outcomes and have been approved by the Multicultural Curriculum Committee and the Core Curriculum Steering Committee.

Course Request Process

The committee has developed rubrics (attached) for use in evaluating course proposals. The course proposal will consist of a request signed by the responsible administrative officer (department chair, dean, etc.) accompanied by a syllabus that clearly addresses the new Student Learning Outcomes. The letter requesting multicultural status for the proposed course should address the following:

  1. Does the proposed course also satisfy a core curriculum requirement (multicultural courses may satisfy both the multicultural requirement and a core curriculum requirement)? If so, which one?
  2. How often will the course be offered?
  3. What is the projected course enrollment per year?
  4. Will the course normally be taught by instructors/tenured/tenure track faculty or graduate student instructors, and if the latter, how will they be trained to handle multicultural issues in class?
  5. Is the course currently in the TU course inventory and, if not, when will a course request form be submitted?
  6. How does the course relate to current multicultural issues?
  7. The syllabus should conform to the same guidelines as were established for core curriculum course applications (attached).

How to Submit a Course Request

Please attach the request letter and course syllabus to an email and send to Gary Elbow in the Office of the Provost (gary.elbow@ttu.edu). Multicultural course requests are due no later than December 1 at noon. It would be helpful also if we could be informed via an email message to the address above if your program has a course or courses in the current multicultural course inventory for which you will not be submitting a request.

If courses do not meet minimum criteria for a multicultural course, instructors and faculty will have the opportunity to revise the content of the course and syllabus. Members of the Multicultural Curriculum Committee are happy to consult with instructors and faculty about their respective courses if requested.

The Multicultural Curriculum Committee hopes to confirm the status of course requests no later than January 31, 2014.

Syllabi returned for revision will be due in revised form no later than February 28.

The multicultural course inventory will be complete in time for inclusion in the 2014-15 catalog.