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Faculty Services

Engagement is an overarching commitment that can inform and enrich faculty scholarship. Faculty members who embody the ideal of engagement integrate it into their teaching, research, or creative activities as well as those traditionally categorized as "service."

Engaged Scholarship includes discovering, applying or synthesizing knowledge, skills or ideas in ways that shed light on social, civic or ethical problems and contribute to the human and economic well-being of communities. Members of these communities can become valuable partners in the process as they share their knowledge and experiences regarding a specific problem or challenge with the faculty member. They often collaborate with engaged faculty by helping specify the issue, determine desired outcomes, and define the scope of the project and methods for the research.

How We Can Assist!

University Outreach and Engagement works with faculty from all disciplines to facilitate Engaged Scholarship in the following ways:

  • Connect faculty interests and expertise with community needs
  • Foster partnerships with individuals and organizations outside of the university (i.e. business & industry, non-profit agencies, civic organizations, government, two- and four-year colleges, K-12 public schools, and others)
  • Connect faculty with other faculty across campus to encourage multidisciplinary research
  • Identify and convene relevant internal and external stakeholders
  • Consult on the design, implementation, and assessment of engagement activities
  • Serve as liaison between faculty and community partners
  • Identify external funding sources and support the development of collaborative grant proposals
  • Offer professional development in the theory and practice of engaged scholarship
  • Highlight and recognize faculty for excellence in engaged scholarship
  • Provide competitive seed grants for promising engaged scholarship projects or activities
  • Share resources and tools to promote peer-reviewed publications or presentations, and other scholarly products