Texas Tech University

Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) 2015-2020


2015 Quality Enhancement Plan Proposal

What is the 2015 - 2020 QEP?

Over the course of the Summer 2014 and Fall 2014 semesters, the QEP Topic Selection Committee drafted "Bear Our Banners Far & Wide: Communicating in a Global Society." This document was reviewed during Texas Tech's  SACSCOC On-Site Visit. 

Primary QEP Theme

Beginning in 2013, members of the Texas Tech University community collaboratively developed a set of possible topics for its 2015-2020 QEP. The QEP Topic Selection Committee, which broadly represents many campus constituency groups, selected "Communicating in a Global Society" as the primary theme for Texas Tech's QEP. The Topic Selection Committee's recommendations formed the basis for Bear Our Banners Far & Wide: Communicating in a Global Society.

Office of the Provost