Texas Tech University

Debbie Laverie

2010 Texas Tech Integrated Scholar

Senior Associate Dean; Professor Marketing; Jerry S. Rawls Professor of Business; Rawls College of Business

Debra LaverieI think years ago, you were really able to specialize in teaching, or research, or maybe service. But, today the expectation is that you do all of those things, so I think you need to learn to be efficient at all of them—taking advantage of places like the TLTC that can help with your teaching, your peers in your department to bring you along—I think is really important.
- Debbie Laverie

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What is your research objective/interest(s)?

Experiential consumption, branding, the scholarship of teaching and learning, and macro marketing.

How do you feel your research impacts the globe?

By expanding understanding of the phenomena above for business and public policy.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Real world issues and problems.

What type(s) of service projects do you enjoy doing?

I use service learning in undergraduate classes to bring the material to life, to achieve deep learning, to help the community, and to inspire students to serve their communities. I like to help people improve their teaching. I am the past Director of the TLTC at Texas Tech.

What are you currently working on?

A project on how brand advocacy on the part of retail salespeople influences purchasing, a study looking at how Twitter influences learning when it is used in a class, a project on brand communities and how media and social ties influence consumption.

What advice do you have for new faculty members on balancing the components of an integrated scholar into their careers (academics, research and service)?

Work hard but also take time to pursue the hobbies you love so that you stay fresh.

Scholar Background

  • B.A., Saint Mary's College, Notre Dame, Indiana
  • M.B.A., University of Notre Dame
  • Ph.D., Arizona State University


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