Texas Tech University

Upe Flueckiger

2010 Texas Tech Integrated Scholar

Associate Professor;
College of Architecture

Upe FlueckigerI love to teach—the interaction with young people and the idea of education or when you see that a student can actually blossom or find something out about themselves and the progress students make—basically is a big reward for the work I do here at Texas Tech.
- Upe Flueckiger

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What is your research objective/interest(s)?

Research Interests: Architectural design with a focus on affordable and sustainable housing. Minimalism in architecture, especially the architectural work of Donald Judd in Marfa.

Teaching Interests: Architectural design, Architectural drawing, media, representational methods in the electronic age, and building construction.

How do you feel your research impacts the globe?

Architecture impacts everyone, but perhaps not everyone is aware of architecture's impact. I regard it as my obligation to make the public aware of the power of architecture.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Inspiration can come from anywhere, so I am trying to be open to anything. Often inspiration can come from sources we expect the least.

What type(s) of service projects do you enjoy doing?

Service to the community at large, especially to those in need.

What are you currently working on?

My students and I just completed a design build project called the Sustainable Cabin. I am also in the process of designing an art gallery and adjacent residence, an adaptive re-use project.

What advice do you have for new faculty members on balancing the components of an integrated scholar into their careers (academics, research, and service)?

Follow your passions, follow through with your projects, and care for others with what you are doing.

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