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ALCHEMY: Journal of Chicano / Latina Arts

Principal Founding Memberof The UCLA Graduate Student Colectiva. A transdisciplinary collection of Latina/o graduate students interested in composing university programming that is both intellectually and culturally relevant to the university community. Fall 1997-present

Principal Founding Memberof Latino/a Film Makers Consortium. A collection of Latina/o producers, directors, and investors interested in generating screen media which accurately depicts the realities experienced by people of Latin/ Hispanic ancestry in America. Spring 1994-present

Principal Founding Memberof Joda-Arte Promotions: A consortium of Latino artist promoting cultural and educational events. Winter 1992- present.

Memberof the Los Angeles Unified School Districts Multicultural Collaborative. A broad based coalition of community members, artist, and educators attempting to design resource listing which are specific to designated ethnic groups: Latino/ Hispanic Component. Winter 1993-94.

Memberof the Los Angeles County Office of Education, Intercultural Leadership Committee. Assisting in developing multicultural curriculum that is inclusive of all ethnic groups in the district. Winter 1993-94.

Memberof LA TEATRO advisory board. A Latino performing arts group specializing in original works by Latina/o writers. Winter 1993-present.

Principal Founding Memberof Aztlan Cultural Arts Foundation: A cultural arts facility dedicated to providing bilingual/bicultural artistic events. Summer 1992-present.

Principal Founding Member of the Mexican-American Graduate Student Association, California State University Los Angeles, Fall 1991 -94.