Dr. Juan Sanchez Munoz - University Service

Texas Tech University:

  • Special Assistant to the President for Diversity and Equity
  •  Associate Vice Provost, Academic Development
  • President's Senior Administrative Council, Member
  •  Gender Equity Council, Ex-Oficio
  • TTU Senior Administrative Council, Member
  •  Director, TTU Mentor Tech Programs
  •  Director, TTU Cross-Cultural Academic Advancement Center
  •  Search Committee Member, TTU Senior Veterinary
  •  Search Committee Member, TTU Vice President of Research
  •  Administrator, $500,000 Faculty Excellence Fund
  •  Administrator, President's Excellence in Equity Award- Faculty
  • Administrator, President's Excellence in Equity Award- Staff
  • Administrator, President's Excellence in Equity Award- Students

TTU College of Education:

  • COE Leadership Council, Member
  •  COE Graduate Faculty, Member
  •  COE Graduate Academic Affairs Committee, Member
  •  COE Diversity Committee, Member
  •  Helen Devitt Jones Fellowship, Committee Member
  •  Associate Director, COE Center for Diversity Leadership
  •  Graduate Faculty, Member

C & I- Bilingual Education and Diversity Studies:

  • COE Diversity Committee Representative
  •  Contributor to Program Name Change

California State University Committees:

  • Affirmative Action Committee- Academic Senate, Sub Committee member
  •  Extended Education- Academic Senate, Sub Committee member
  •  Director, Multicultural Leadership Center- Search Committee member
  •  Future Scholars Scholarship Committee- Chair
  • CSUF President's Scholarship Committee member

College of Human Development and Community Service Committees:

  • 2003 School of Education Commencement Program, Chair
  •  College Curriculum Committee member
  •  Technology Subcommittee member
  •  2001-04 President and founding member, Researchers and Critical Educators

Department of Secondary Education:

  • SECTEP Committee member
  •  Graduate Programs Committee member
  •  Professional Development District Committee, Chair
  •  Secondary Education 536 Course, Chair
  • Secondary Education 400 Course, Chair