Texas Tech University

Enrollment Calling Campaign

Evolving from several semesters of Excel reporting, in Spring 2014 Student Success & Retention formally implemented an online system that allows Texas Tech advising professionals to have real-time data on students who are expected to persist, but who haven't yet registered. Moreover, this new system provides these advisors with the opportunity to document their calls online, which provides immediate institutional reporting and documents the interaction via email.

Beginning with calls from a designated Student Success & Retention representative, the colleges' academic advisors take over communications as advising appointments slow in the last days of each semester. As the experts in their respective areas, assigned academic advisors are ultimately responsible for the quality and value of each interaction in with students, including those designated as part of this institutionally-initiated calling campaign.


  1. Student Success: To provide proactive communication that helps the institution better understand student processes, needs, attitudes, intentions, and barriers.
  2. Retention: To facilitate continuous enrollment from fall to spring semester where it is in the students' best interests.
  3. Engagement and Process Clarity: To aid colleges by handling simple and straightforward barriers to student enrollment.
  4. Importance and Value of Academic Advising: To affirm and demonstrate the institution's confidence in academic advising by providing advising personnel more time to work with complex student matters.
  5. Accountability and Transparency: To document and report (in real-time) our progress toward achieving the goals above.
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