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tiny model of prototype and key explaining the creative process

Projects from the Spring 2017 Honors Creative Process course.

The Creative Process Commons is a non-hierarchical network designed to connect creative people across both Texas Tech University and its wider community. With the long-term aim of providing world-wide leadership in the scholarly study of the creative process and in the empowerment of creative ways of working, the Commons is a campus-wide effort to engage faculty, staff, and students from all disciplines in the fostering of multi-/transdisciplinary projects and thinking that will invigorate creative processes and stimulate innovation across the institution. To those ends, it is designed to complement and leverage existing undertakings on campus by providing opportunities for creative activities and processes to be initiated, nurtured, and ultimately yield new enlightenment and knowledge.

Functioning under the oversight of a management committee reporting to the Office of the Provost, the Commons serves as a clearinghouse of news and information to connect all those engaged in creative and multi-/transdisciplinary projects through three basic methods: a website, an e-journal (entitled Creativity Works), and twice yearly gatherings of the Commons. In addition to its work as a clearinghouse, the Commons also serves to encourage, support, and facilitate existing creative works/projects and residencies, as well as to identify and create new such works/projects and residencies. Finally, but of equal importance, the Commons is a vehicle for documenting and archiving creative process activities, which entails identifying and securing support for various projects and works associated with the study of creative processes as well as the acquisition and maintenance of resources (e.g., collections and archives) that are used by members of the Commons.

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Tina Fuentes and Eric Bruning Speak on Collaboration Between Art & Science
September 1, 2017 • 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Art Building Foyer
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Bruce Munro Lecture and Round Table Discussion
June 4, 2017 • 2:00 PM
Museum of Texas Tech University
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