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Name Major Title/Topic of Research E-Mail Address
Acharya, Sanjit PSS Cellulosic Composite Materials sanjit.acharya@ttu.edu
Andrenko, Iryna PSS   iryna.andenko@ttu.edu
Asbury, Katlynne HSCI   katlynne.asbury@ttu.edu
Atinderpal Singh PSS   as.atinderpal-singh@ttu.edu
Ayele, Addissu PSS  Variation of within-plant fiber properties and spinning performances of upland cotton varieties addissu.ayele@ttu.edu
Azzinnari, Jessica PSS   jessica.azzinnari@ttu.edu
Baker, Brian Scott PSS Mapping Fiber Quality Distribution in U.S.
Commercial Upland Cotton Varieties
Balasubramanian, Vimal Kumar PSS Plant Cell Wall Biosynthesis and Bioengineering. vimal-
Baliga, Vikram PSS   vikram.baliga@ag.tamu.edu
Ballesteros, Robert PSS   robert.ballesteros@ttu.edu
Baxter, Lisa PSS Forages lisa.baxter@ttu.edu
Berry, Laura PSS   laura.berry@ttu.edu
Bhandari, Krishna PSS   krishna.bhandari@ttu.edu
Bingham, Kristin L. PSS   k.bingham@ttu.edu
Bouyanfif, Amal PSS   a.bouyanfif@ttu.edu
Brauer, Karl PSS   karl.brauer@ttu.edu
Buiphu, Namanh PSS Identification of Cotton MicroRNAs Implicated in
Water-Deficient Stress
Bumguardner, Amee PSS   amee.bumguardner@ttu.edu
Burke, Joseph PSS  Soil Health Management in Cotton Monocultures on the Texas High Plains joseph.burke@ttu.edu
Cantu, Juan PSS   juan.cantu@ttu.edu
Capule, Emily HSCI   emily.capule@ttu.edu
Clark, Justin PSS   jsclarktn@gmail.com
Cobos, Christopher PSS   chris.cobos@ttu.edu
Culpepper, Travis PSS    travis.j.culpepper@ttu.edu 
Curtis, Johnathan HSCI   jon.lee.curtis@ttu.edu
Delhom, Chris PSS   chris.delhom@ttu.edu
Dhakal, Madhav PSS  Effect of Alfalfa Denisty and Growth Type on Forage Production, Quality and Water Use in Native Grass Pasture.  madhav.dhakal@ttu.edu
Discua Duatre, Samuel PSS    samuel.discua@ttu.edu 
PSS   niwanthi.dissanayake@ttu.edu
Drake, Tanner PSS   tanner.s.drake@ttu.edu
Dube, Nothabo PSS   nothabo.dube@ttu.edu
Duda, Bogdan Matei PSS   bogdan.duda@ttu.edu
Echevarria Laza, Haydee J. PSS Plant Acclimation Response Associated with the Interactive Effect of Water Deficit.High Temerature and Elevated CO2 in Peanut  haydee.laza@ttu.edu
Fernandez, Melania PSS   melania.fernandez@ttu.edu
Foster, Nathan PSS   nfoster@wilburellis.com
Gallington, Nicholas PSS   nicholas.gallington@ttu.edu
Gaus, Teresa A. PSS Corn Breeding Looking at Teosintes teresa.gaus@ttu.edu
Gendron, Jake PSS   jake.gendron@ttu.edu
Graff, Emily HSCI V&E emily.graff@ttu.edu
Grams, Jason PSS   jason.grams@ttu.edu
Grant, James PSS   james.grant@ttu.edu
Gregory, Ryan PSS Visual Field Screening Strategy for Purity and
Seed Quality in Conventional Cotton Breeding
Nurseries (AgriLife Assistanceship)
Halfmann, Gregory Scott PSS Phosphorous Applications Efficiency in Cotton scott.halfmann@ttu.edu 
Hall, Anna PSS   anna.hall@bayer.com
Hinds, Zachary PSS   zach.hinds@ttu.edu
House, Kelsey PSS    kelsey.house@ttu.edu 
James, Jacob PSS    jacob.james@ttu.edu 
Jewett, Christopher PSS    christopher.jewett@ttu.edu 
Johnson, Sharon Horticulture    sharon.johnson@ttu.edu 
Jones, Miranda HSCI   miranda.jones@ttu.edu
Kaur, Jaspreet PSS  Ecological Niches and Phylogeography of Endemic Plants of California Floristic Province.  jaspreet.kaur@ttu.edu 
Kaur, Pushpinder Pal PSS   pushpinder-pal.kaur@ttu.edu
Kharel, Geeta PSS   geeta.kharel@ttu.edu
Kitazumi, Ai PSS    ai.kitazumi@ttu.edu 
Koonce, Austin PSS   austin.koonce@ttu.edu 
Kubik, Mikale  PSS    mikale.kubik@ttu.edu 
Kulkarni, Roshan  PSS  Phenotypic Evaluation for Water Deficit Stress and Genotype by Targeted Resequencing in Peanuts roshan.kulkarni@ttu.edu 
Kusi, Nana Yaw Owusu  PSS    nana-yaw.kusi@ttu.edu 
Lancaster, Jonathan HSCI   jc.lancaster@ttu.edu
Li, Chenhui  PSS  "Biodegradable Mulches: Short-Term and Impacts on Soil Health" Added PhD to Program -
Li, Li  Horticulture    lee.li@ttu.edu 
Liu, Xiaoxiao PSS   xiaoxiao.liu@ttu.edu
Liyanage, Sumedha
PSS  "Chemical and Physical Characterization of
Galactomannan Extracted from Guar Seeds" 
Added PhD to Program - Spring, 2014 
Macha, Nicholas  PSS    nick.s.macha@ttu.edu 
Martin, Morgan PSS   morgan.martin@ttu.edu 
Martin, Vikki  PSS   vikki.martin@ttu.edu 
Mcdonald, Mark PSS   mark.mcdonald@ttu.edu
Merchant, Rand  PSS  Identification and Control of Glyphosate-Resistant Palmer Amaranth in West Texas rand.merchant@ag.tamu.edu 
Mills, Sherah  PSS  V&E  sherah.mills@ttu.edu 
Moss, Cameron  PSS    cameron.moss@ttu.edu 
Nemire, Bryan Jacob  PSS    bryan.nemire@ttu.edu 
Neupane, Jasmine PSS Precision Agriculture and Environmental Crop Modelling jasmine.neupane@ttu.edu
Norman, Kevin  PSS    kevin.norman@ttu.edu 
Otuya, Rael Khayeli PSS   rael-khayeli.otuya@ttu.edu
Pabuayon, Irish PSS   irish-lorraine.pabuayon@ttu.edu
Pabuayon, Isaiah  PSS  Transgressive Salinity Stress Tolerance Phenotypes among Recombinant Inbred Lines of Rice: Roles of Regulatory RNA, DNA Methylation, and Associated Network Rewiring. isaiah-catalino.pabuayon@ttu.edu 
Parajuli, Prakash  PSS  Analysis of Biomolecules by FTIR prakash.parajuli@ttu.edu 
Parsons, Hardy  PSS    hardy.parsons@ttu.edu 
Patridge, Alicia Horticulture  The Impact of Urban Landscape Characteristics on Bee Richness in the Southern High Plains. alicia.patridge@ttu.edu 
Pendergrass, Jay PSS   jay.pendergrass@ttu.edu
Pinkerton (Jackson), Heather PSS   heather.jackson@ttu.edu
Plowman, Russell  PSS    russell.d.plowman@ttu.edu 
Pu, Wei PSS   wei.pu@ttu.edu
Qualia, Maureen PSS   maureen.qualia@ttu.edu
Raihan, Abir PSS   abir.raihan@ttu.edu
Reed, Derek HSCI   derek.w.reed@ttu.edu 
Rendon, Bianca  PSS    bianca.rendon@ttu.edu 
Rodriquez, Lisett  Horticulture    lisett.rodriguez@ttu.edu 
Roper, Richard  PSS    richard.roper@ttu.edu 
Rubio, Amede  PSS    amede.rubio@ttu.edu 
Russell, Kyle PSS   kyle.r.russell@ttu.edu
Sanchez, Jacobo  PSS  Plant Breeding in Sorghum - Selection of Hybrids for Cold and Drought Tolerance jacobo.sanchez@ttu.edu 
Saraiva Morais, Joao Paulo  PSS    joao-paulo.morais@ttu.edu 
Sayeed, Md Abu  PSS   a.sayeed@ttu.edu
Sultana, Most Arifa PSS Cotton Fiber Length Distribution arifa.sultana@ttu.edu
Schaefer, Curtis  PSS  M.S. - Effects of Irrigation and Environment on
Cotton Growth, Maturity, and Yeild in West Texas
Producer Fields. PhD - Triming of Short Term Drought on Maturity, Boll Distribution, and Yield of Cotton Cultivars.
Smith, Samuel David PSS   samuel.d.smith@ttu.edu
Sterling, Janice  SMGT    janice.sterling@ttu.edu 
Sultana, Most Arifa PSS   arifa.sultana@ttu.edu
Taylor, Seth  PSS    seth.taylor@ttu.edu 
Tengey, Theophilus Kwabla  PSS    theophilus.k.tengey@ttu.edu 
Thompson, Corey  PSS    corey.thompson@ttu.edu 
Thu, Sandi W.  PSS    sandi.w.thu@ttu.edu 
Timlin, Steven PSS   steven.timlin@ttu.edu
Tomlinson, Caleb PSS   cc.tomlinson@ttu.edu
Uppal, Raman PSS   raman.uppal@ttu.edu
Vavra, Cody PSS   cody.vavra@ttu.edu
Voigt, Kurt HSCI   kurt.voigt@ttu.edu
VonOhlen, Cole PSS   cole.vonohlen@ttu.edu 
Wansapura, Poorna  PSS  Preparation and Characteristics of Biopolymer Based Composite Materials  poorna.t.wansapura@ttu.edu 
Watts, Cole  Horticulture    cole.l.watts@ttu.edu 
White, Clayton D. (Ray)  PSS     ray.white@ttu.edu
White, Ramzi  Horticulture  Suppression of Shoot Growth and Improved Putting Green Performance with Plant Growth Regulators ramzi.white@ttu.edu 
Witt, Travis  PSS  Fatty Acid Composition of Castor. (Rec'd M.S. 08/09/14) PhD Starting Fall 2014 (Ritchie)  travis.witt@ttu.edu 
Xiong, Yedan (Victoria)  PSS  Digital Image Analysis of Old World Bluestem Canopy Cover and Leaf Area. (Rcv'd M.S. 08/09/14) Adding PhD Starting Summer 2014  victoria.xiong@ttu.edu 
Zolue, Gondah Moses  PSS   gondah.zolue@ttu.edu 
Zwonitzer, Martha  PSS    martha.zwonitzer@ttu.edu 
 If you are a PSS Graduate Student and not on the list or need to change/update your info, please e-mail your update to: psstechsupport@ttu.edu.

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