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Name Major Title/Topic of Research E-Mail Address
Acree, Autumn PSS Contemporary Advancements in Soil Characterization: Geochemical, Morphological, and Spectroscopic Approaches autumn.acree@ttu.edu
Allen, Elizabeth HSCI   elizabeth.allen@ttu.edu
Anders, Reagan PSS   reagan.k.anders@ttu.edu
Andrenko, Iryna PSS   iryna.andenko@ttu.edu
Asbury, Katlynne HSCI   katlynne.asbury@ttu.edu
Balasubramanian, Vimal Kumar PSS Plant Cell Wall Biosynthesis and Bioengineering. vimal-
Baliga, Vikram PSS  Turfgrass Science and Water Conservation vikram.baliga@ag.tamu.edu
Ballesteros, Robert PSS   robert.ballesteros@ttu.edu
Bello, Oluwatobi Rilwan PSS   Oluwatobi.Bello@ttu.edu
Berry, Laura PSS Eco-Hydrologic Model Development in Urban Watersheds  laura.berry@ttu.edu
Bhattarai, Bishwoyog PSS   Bishwoyog.Bhattarai@ttu.edu
Bouyanfif, Amal PSS Establishing C.elegans nematode as a model organism to study the effects of omega-3 and plants' extracts on obesity and inflammation. a.bouyanfif@ttu.edu
Brauer, Karl PSS Silage and Grain Quality Response to Water Stress in Maize Hybrids Varying by Maturity and Density. karl.brauer@ttu.edu
Brown, Rohan PSS   rohan.o.brown@ttu.edu
Bumguardner, Amee PSS  Soil Potassium Effects on Cotton Growth, Yield and Quality in the Texas High Plains amee.bumguardner@ttu.edu
Cantu, Juan PSS   juan.cantu@ttu.edu
Capule, Emily HSCI   emily.capule@ttu.edu
Culpepper, Travis PSS  Chronic Water Stress Evaluation on Common Lawn Turf Species in Samiarid Environment travis.j.culpepper@ttu.edu 
Delhom, Chris PSS   chris.delhom@ttu.edu
Delong, Brice PSS   brice.delong@ttu.edu
Dhakal, Madhav PSS  Effect of Alfalfa Denisty and Growth Type on Forage Production, Quality and Water Use in Native Grass Pasture.  madhav.dhakal@ttu.edu
Discua Duatre, Samuel PSS  Scale Dependent Bee Diversity Patterns and Plant Attractiveness to Pollinators in the Texas High Plains.  samuel.discua@ttu.edu 
PSS Cellulose dissolution in ionic liquids niwanthi.dissanayake@ttu.edu
Dodge, William PSS   william.dodge@ttu.edu
Drake, Tanner PSS Effects of Fruit Placement in Upland Cotton by Water Regimes tanner.s.drake@ttu.edu
Dunlap, Andrew PSS   andrew.dunlap@ttu.edu
Escamilla, Eduardo  PSS   eduardo.escamilla@ttu.edu
Fair, Taylor PSS   taylor.fair@ttu.edu
Farzana, Kaniz PSS   kaniz.farzana@ttu.edu
Fernandez, Melania PSS  Spatial Distribution and Species Co-Existence of Epiphytic Orchids in a Tropical Forest. melania.fernandez@ttu.edu
Gannaban, Ritchel Bueno PSS   ritchel-bueno.gannaban@ttu.edu
Gendron, Jake PSS Rewiring of Genetic Regulatory Networks in Transgressive Segragant of Rice with Novel Mechanisms of Dehydtration Stress Tolerance. jake.gendron@ttu.edu
Gradilla, Jose L. HSCI   JOSE.GRADILLA@ttu.edu
Halfmann, Gregory Scott PSS Phosphorous Applications Efficiency in Cotton scott.halfmann@ttu.edu 
Hinds, Zachary PSS Cotton Breeding for Improved Fiber Quality zach.hinds@ttu.edu
Hossain, Tanjim PSS   md-tanjim.hossain@ttu.edu
Islam, Md Mahbubul PSS   md-mahbubul.islam@ttu.edu
James, Jacob PSS   Enhancing U.S. Cotton Clossing with Vaeital Data jacob.james@ttu.edu 
Jalathge, Gayani PSS   gayani.jalathge@ttu.edu
Johnson, Sharon Horticulture    sharon.johnson@ttu.edu 
Jones, Miranda HSCI   miranda.jones@ttu.edu
Kaur, Harmanpreet PSS   harmanpreet.kaur@ttu.edu
Kaur, Jaspreet PSS  Ecological Niches and Phylogeography of Endemic Plants of California Floristic Province.  jaspreet.kaur@ttu.edu 
Kaur, Pushpinder Pal PSS Molecular basis of complementary, synergistic or antagonistic interactions determining the full potential of drought tolerance QTL effect in rice. pushpinder-pal.kaur@ttu.edu
Kharel, Geeta PSS   geeta.kharel@ttu.edu
Kitazumi, Ai PSS    ai.kitazumi@ttu.edu 
Koonce, Austin PSS   austin.koonce@ttu.edu 
Kusi, Nana Yaw Owusu  PSS  Potassium uptake, utilization, and chemistry in cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) and soils in the Southern High Plains of Texas nana-yaw.kusi@ttu.edu 
Lancaster, Jonathan HSCI   jc.lancaster@ttu.edu
Lin, Zhe PSS   zhe.lin@ttu.edu
Loneragan, Summer PSS    summer.loneragan@ttu.edu
Macha, Nicholas  PSS    nick.s.macha@ttu.edu 
Mandal, Swarupa Nanda PSS   Swarupa.Mandal@ttu.edu
Mangat, Puneet Kaur PSS   puneet.mangat@ttu.edu
Martin, Vikki  PSS Cotton Fiber Quality Measurements vikki.martin@ttu.edu 
Martinez, Guadalupe PSS   Guadalupe.Martinez@ttu.edu
Merchant, Rand PSS Identification and Management of Glyphosate-Resistant Palmer Amaranth in West Texas rand.merchant@ttu.edu
Mills, Sherah  PSS  Temporal Release Pattern of Powdery Mildew Spores on Vitis vinifera in Two Regions of Texas sherah.mills@ttu.edu 
Nemire, Bryan Jacob PSS   bryan.nemire@ttu.edu
Neupane, Jasmine PSS Cotton Yield Variability in Relation to Topography, Soil Physical Properties, and Different Irrigation Rates. jasmine.neupane@ttu.edu
Nunes, Kharenn PSS   vailant.nunes@ttu.edu
Ogden, Grace PSS   grace.ogden@ttu.edu 
Otuya, Rael Khayeli PSS   rael-khayeli.otuya@ttu.edu
Pabuayon, Isaiah  PSS  Transgressive Salinity Stress Tolerance Phenotypes among Recombinant Inbred Lines of Rice: Roles of Regulatory RNA, DNA Methylation, and Associated Network Rewiring. isaiah-catalino.pabuayon@ttu.edu 
Parajuli, Prakash  PSS  FTIR Microspectroscoy Study of Compositional Changes in Biomolecules of Biological Samples. prakash.parajuli@ttu.edu 
Parkash, Ved PSS   Ved.Parkash@ttu.edu
Pendergrass, Jay PSS   jay.pendergrass@ttu.edu
Petermann, Billi Jean PSS   Billi-Jean.Petermann@ttu.edu
Petterson, Jenna Kristine PSS   Kris.Petterson@ttu.edu
Plowman, Russell  PSS    russell.d.plowman@ttu.edu 
Qualia, Maureen PSS   maureen.qualia@ttu.edu
Radicke, Kathryn PSS   kathryn.radicke@ttu.edu
Raihan, Abir PSS  Multi-Sensor Data Fusion to Estimate Soil Moisture and Evaporation. abir.raihan@ttu.edu
Rawal, Ashmita PSS Distribution of Sediments and Heavy Metals in Urban Playa Soils. ashmita.rawal@ttu.edu
Reed, Derek HSCI   derek.w.reed@ttu.edu 
Riddle, Randy Lee PSS   Randy.Riddle@ttu.edu
Riley, Meagan PSS    meagan.riley@ttu.edu
Rohr, Nicholas PSS   Nick.rohr@ttuhsc.edu
Rubio, Amede  PSS   Restoration of Giant Reed Invaded Patches Along the Rio Grande in Laredo, TX and Evaluation of Pollinator Diversity and Abundance. amede.rubio@ttu.edu 
Ruland, Kenneth (Trey) PSS   trey.ruland@ttu.edu
Rumi, Shaida Sultana PSS Conversion of Cotton Linter Waste to Bioproducts. shaida-sultana.rumi@ttu.edu
Russell, Kyle PSS   kyle.r.russell@ttu.edu
Sanchez, Jacobo  PSS  Selection for Seedling Cold Vigor in Grain Sorghum jacobo.sanchez@ttu.edu 
Sapkota, Manish PSS  Soil Health Variability Among Residential Landscapes Impact Urban Water Conservation. Manish.Sapkota@ttu.edu
Sapkota, Pradip PSS   Pradip.Sapkota@ttu.edu
Saraiva Morais, Joao Paulo  PSS   Evaluation of the Trash Effect on the Estimation of the Fiber Length Heritability joao-paulo.morais@ttu.edu 
Sayeed, Md Abu  PSS  Cotton Fiber Length Distribution a.sayeed@ttu.edu
Sehrish, Aqeela PSS   Aqeela.Sehrish@ttu.edu
Shaik, Azeezahmed PSS   azeez.Shaik@ttu.edu
Singh, Atinderpal PSS  Modeling Root Water Uptake in a Drip Irrigated Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) Field  as.atinderpal-singh@ttu.edu
Singh, Manavi  PSS  Effectiveness of anti-microbial intervention methods in targeting the mechanisms of susceptibility of food borne pathogens.  manavi.singh@ttu.edu
 Singleton, Joshua  PSS  Genetic Diversity and Population Structure of Silverleaf Nightshade Infesting Cotton Fields in West Texas. joshua.singleton@ttu.edu
Staublin, Mary  PSS   janice.sterling@ttu.edu
Sterling, Janice SMGT    janice.sterling@ttu.edu
Stutler, Luke PSS   luke.stutler@ttu.edu
Sun, Yazhou PSS   yazhou.sun@ttu.edu
Sung, Cheng-Jung PSS   cheng-jung.sung@ttu.edu
Taylor, Seth  PSS    seth.taylor@ttu.edu 
Tesema, Addisu Ferede PSS   addisu-ferede.tesema@ttu.edu
Thompson, Corey  PSS    corey.thompson@ttu.edu 
Timlin, Steven PSS Effects of Soil Additivies on Nutriional Content of Pollen steven.timlin@ttu.edu
Tomlinson, Caleb PSS   cc.tomlinson@ttu.edu
Turner, Nathaniel     Nathaniel.Turner@ttu.edu
Vavra, Cody PSS Characterization of Agronomic, Biochemical, and Physical Traits of Hi-A Corn Hybrids of the Texas High Plains. cody.vavra@ttu.edu
Venkataramani, Sujatha HSCI   Sujatha.Venkataramani@ttu.edu
Voigt, Kurt HSCI   kurt.voigt@ttu.edu
VonOhlen, Cole PSS   cole.vonohlen@ttu.edu 
Washburn, Taylor Ann PSS   tayloran.washburn@ttu.edu
White, Clayton D. (Ray)  PSS     ray.white@ttu.edu
Williams, Lindsay PSS   lindsay.williams@ttu.edu
Wong, Shan PSS   shan.wong@ttu.edu
Wright, Dannie HSCI   dannie.wright@ttu.edu
Xiong, Yedan (Victoria)  PSS  "Calibration of ALMANAC Model and APSIM Model for Simulating Growth of WW-B. Dahl Old World Bluestem." victoria.xiong@ttu.edu 
Shelby, Young PSS A Systems-Based Approach for Managing Early Season Cotton Pests. shelby.young@ttu.edu
Zolue, Gondah Moses  PSS  Biochar as a Possible Amendement to Improve the Quality of Highly Degraded Soils gondah.zolue@ttu.edu 
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