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Name Major Title/Topic of Research E-Mail Address
Acree, Autumn PSS   autumn.acree@ttu.edu
Allen, Elizabeth HSCI   elizabeth.allen@ttu.edu
Amini, Azita HSCI   azita.amini@ttu.edu
Anders, Reagan PSS   reagan.k.anders@ttu.edu
Andrenko, Iryna PSS   iryna.andenko@ttu.edu
Asbury, Katlynne HSCI   katlynne.asbury@ttu.edu
Ayele, Addissu PSS  Variation of within-plant fiber properties and spinning performances of upland cotton varieties addissu.ayele@ttu.edu
Azzinnari, Jessica PSS   jessica.azzinnari@ttu.edu
Baker, Brian Scott PSS Mapping Fiber Quality Distribution in U.S.
Commercial Upland Cotton Varieties
Balasubramanian, Vimal Kumar PSS Plant Cell Wall Biosynthesis and Bioengineering. vimal-
Baliga, Vikram PSS  Turfgrass Science and Water Conservation vikram.baliga@ag.tamu.edu
Ballesteros, Robert PSS   robert.ballesteros@ttu.edu
Batenhorst, Kyle PSS   kyle.batenhorst@ttu.edu
Berry, Laura PSS Eco-Hydrologic Model Development in Urban Watersheds  laura.berry@ttu.edu
Bhandari, Krishna PSS Significance of essential oil composition of Bothriochloa bladhii for a pasture system krishna.bhandari@ttu.edu
Bouyanfif, Amal PSS Establishing C.elegans nematode as a model organism to study the effects of omega-3 and plants' extracts on obesity and inflammation. a.bouyanfif@ttu.edu
Brauer, Karl PSS Silage and Grain Quality Response to Water Stress in Maize Hybrids Varying by Maturity and Density. karl.brauer@ttu.edu
Bui, Anh Phu Nam PSS Identification of Cotton MicroRNAs Implicated in
Water-Deficient Stress
Bumguardner, Amee PSS  Soil Potassium Effects on Cotton Growth, Yield and Quality in the Texas High Plains amee.bumguardner@ttu.edu
Burke, Joseph PSS  Soil Health Management in Cotton Monocultures on the Texas High Plains joseph.burke@ttu.edu
Cantu, Juan PSS   juan.cantu@ttu.edu
Capule, Emily HSCI   emily.capule@ttu.edu
Clark, Justin PSS   jsclarktn@gmail.com
Cobos, Christopher PSS Comparative Transcriptomic and Biochemical Analysis of Infected and Non-Infected Aspergillus Resistant and Susceptible Peanut (Arachis hypogaea) Testa. chris.cobos@ttu.edu
Culpepper, Travis PSS  Chronic Water Stress Evaluation on Common Lawn Turf Species in Samiarid Environment travis.j.culpepper@ttu.edu 
Delhom, Chris PSS   chris.delhom@ttu.edu
Dhakal, Madhav PSS  Effect of Alfalfa Denisty and Growth Type on Forage Production, Quality and Water Use in Native Grass Pasture.  madhav.dhakal@ttu.edu
Discua Duatre, Samuel PSS    samuel.discua@ttu.edu 
PSS Cellulose dissolution in ionic liquids niwanthi.dissanayake@ttu.edu
Drake, Tanner PSS Crop Physiology tanner.s.drake@ttu.edu
Dube, Nothabo PSS 3D Modeling of Cotton Growth and Developmental Functions nothabo.dube@ttu.edu
Duda, Bogdan Matei PSS   bogdan.duda@ttu.edu
Dunlap, Andrew PSS   andrew.dunlap@ttu.edu
Echevarria Laza, Haydee J. PSS Plant Acclimation Response Associated with the Interactive Effect of Water Deficit.High Temerature and Elevated CO2 in Peanut  haydee.laza@ttu.edu
Fair, Taylor PSS   taylor.fair@ttu.edu
Fernandez, Melania PSS  Spatial Distribution and Species Co-Existence of Epiphytic Orchids in a Tropical Forest. melania.fernandez@ttu.edu
Gannaban, Ritchel Bueno PSS   ritchel-bueno.gannaban@ttu.edu
Gendron, Jake PSS Rewiring of Genetic Regulatory Networks in Transgressive Segragant of Rice with Novel Mechanisms of Dehydtration Stress Tolerance. jake.gendron@ttu.edu
Graff, Emily HSCI V&E emily.graff@ttu.edu
Grams, Jason PSS   jason.grams@ttu.edu
Gregory, Ryan PSS Visual Field Screening Strategy for Purity and
Seed Quality in Conventional Cotton Breeding
Nurseries (AgriLife Assistanceship)
Halfmann, Gregory Scott PSS Phosphorous Applications Efficiency in Cotton scott.halfmann@ttu.edu 
Hasan, H. M. Rakib Ul PSS   hmrakibul.hasan@ttu.edu
Hinds, Zachary PSS Cotton Breeding for Improved Fiber Quality zach.hinds@ttu.edu
Islam, Md Mahbubul PSS   md-mahbubul.islam@ttu.edu
James, Jacob PSS    jacob.james@ttu.edu 
Jewett, Christopher PSS   Abundances of Wild and Managed Bees Across Different Pumplin Cultivars and Influential Landscapes. christopher.jewett@ttu.edu 
Johnson, Sharon Horticulture    sharon.johnson@ttu.edu 
Jones, Miranda HSCI   miranda.jones@ttu.edu
Kaur, Jaspreet PSS  Ecological Niches and Phylogeography of Endemic Plants of California Floristic Province.  jaspreet.kaur@ttu.edu 
Kaur, Pushpinder Pal PSS Molecular basis of complementary, synergistic or antagonistic interactions determining the full potential of drought tolerance QTL effect in rice. pushpinder-pal.kaur@ttu.edu
Kharel, Geeta PSS   geeta.kharel@ttu.edu
Kitazumi, Ai PSS    ai.kitazumi@ttu.edu 
Koonce, Austin PSS   austin.koonce@ttu.edu 
Kulkarni, Roshan  PSS  Phenotypic Evaluation for Water Deficit Stress and Genotype by Targeted Resequencing in Peanuts roshan.kulkarni@ttu.edu 
Kusi, Nana Yaw Owusu  PSS  Potassium uptake, utilization, and chemistry in cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) and soils in the Southern High Plains of Texas nana-yaw.kusi@ttu.edu 
Lancaster, Jonathan HSCI   jc.lancaster@ttu.edu
Lin, Zhe PSS   zhe.lin@ttu.edu
Liyanage, Sumedha
PSS  "Chemical and Physical Characterization of
Galactomannan Extracted from Guar Seeds" 
Added PhD to Program - Spring, 2014 
Macha, Nicholas  PSS    nick.s.macha@ttu.edu 
Mangat, Puneet Kaur PSS   puneet.mangat@ttu.edu
Martin, Morgan PSS   morgan.martin@ttu.edu 
Martin, Vikki  PSS Cotton Fiber Quality Measurements vikki.martin@ttu.edu 
Mcdonald, Mark PSS   mark.mcdonald@ttu.edu
Mills, Sherah  PSS  Temporal Release Pattern of Powdery Mildew Spores on Vitis vinifera in Two Regions of Texas sherah.mills@ttu.edu 
Neupane, Jasmine PSS Precision Agriculture and Environmental Crop Modelling jasmine.neupane@ttu.edu
Otuya, Rael Khayeli PSS   rael-khayeli.otuya@ttu.edu
Pabuayon, Irish PSS Productivity of Drought-Tolerant Alternative Crops in Water-Limiting West Texas Conditions (topic). irish-lorraine.pabuayon@ttu.edu
Pabuayon, Isaiah  PSS  Transgressive Salinity Stress Tolerance Phenotypes among Recombinant Inbred Lines of Rice: Roles of Regulatory RNA, DNA Methylation, and Associated Network Rewiring. isaiah-catalino.pabuayon@ttu.edu 
Parajuli, Prakash  PSS  FTIR Microspectroscoy Study of Compositional Changes in Biomolecules of Biological Samples. prakash.parajuli@ttu.edu 
Parsons, Hardy  PSS  Irrigation and Cultivar Relationships on Boll Distribution and Yield. hardy.parsons@ttu.edu 
Patridge, Alicia Horticulture  The Impact of Urban Landscape Characteristics on Bee Richness in the Southern High Plains. alicia.patridge@ttu.edu 
Pendergrass, Jay PSS   jay.pendergrass@ttu.edu
Pinkerton (Jackson), Heather PSS   heather.jackson@ttu.edu
Plowman, Russell  PSS    russell.d.plowman@ttu.edu 
Pu, Wei PSS   wei.pu@ttu.edu
Qualia, Maureen PSS   maureen.qualia@ttu.edu
Radicke, Kathryn PSS   kathryn.radicke@ttu.edu
Raihan, Abir PSS   abir.raihan@ttu.edu
Rawal, Ashmita PSS   ashmita.rawal@ttu.edu
Reed, Derek HSCI   derek.w.reed@ttu.edu 
Rendon, Bianca  PSS  Co-occurrence and Behavioral Interactions of Native Bees and Honey Bees on Flowering Plants bianca.rendon@ttu.edu 
Riley, Meagan PSS    meagan.riley@ttu.edu
Rubio, Amede  PSS   Restoration of Giant Reed Invaded Patches Along the Rio Grande in Laredo, TX and Evaluation of Pollinator Diversity and Abundance. amede.rubio@ttu.edu 
Rumi, Shaida Sultana PSS   shaida-sultana.rumi@ttu.edu
Russell, Kyle PSS   kyle.r.russell@ttu.edu
Sanchez, Jacobo  PSS  Plant Breeding in Sorghum - Selection of Hybrids for Cold and Drought Tolerance jacobo.sanchez@ttu.edu 
Saraiva Morais, Joao Paulo  PSS   Evaluation of the Trash Effect on the Estimation of the Fiber Length Heritability joao-paulo.morais@ttu.edu 
Sayeed, Md Abu  PSS  Cotton Fiber Length Distribution a.sayeed@ttu.edu
Singh, Atinderpal PSS    as.atinderpal-singh@ttu.edu
Singh, Manavi  PSS    manavi.singh@ttu.edu
 Singleton, Joshua  PSS   joshua.singleton@ttu.edu
Smith, Samuel David  PSS   samuel.d.smith@ttu.edu 
Sterling, Janice SMGT    janice.sterling@ttu.edu
Stutler, Luke PSS   luke.stutler@ttu.edu
Sultana, Most Arifa PSS Cotton Fiber Length Distribution arifa.sultana@ttu.edu
Smith, Samuel David PSS   samuel.d.smith@ttu.edu
Sterling, Janice  SMGT    janice.sterling@ttu.edu 
Sultana, Most Arifa PSS   arifa.sultana@ttu.edu
Sun, Yazhou PSS   yazhou.sun@ttu.edu
Sung, Cheng-Jung PSS   cheng-jung.sung@ttu.edu
Taylor, Seth  PSS    seth.taylor@ttu.edu 
Tengey, Theophilus Kwabla  PSS   Development and use of SNP Markers to Identify Leaf Spot Resistant QTLs in Peanut and Gene Expression Studies in Response to Pathogen Infection in Peanut. theophilus.k.tengey@ttu.edu 
Thompson, Corey  PSS    corey.thompson@ttu.edu 
Timlin, Steven PSS Effects of Soil Additivies on Nutriional Content of Pollen steven.timlin@ttu.edu
Tomlinson, Caleb PSS   cc.tomlinson@ttu.edu
Uppal, Raman PSS   raman.uppal@ttu.edu
Vavra, Cody PSS Characterization of Agronomic, Biochemical, and Physical Traits of Hi-A Corn Hybrids of the Texas High Plains. cody.vavra@ttu.edu
Voigt, Kurt HSCI   kurt.voigt@ttu.edu
VonOhlen, Cole PSS   cole.vonohlen@ttu.edu 
White, Clayton D. (Ray)  PSS     ray.white@ttu.edu
White, Ramzi  Horticulture  Suppression of Shoot Growth and Improved Putting Green Performance with Plant Growth Regulators ramzi.white@ttu.edu 
Witt, Travis  PSS  Fatty Acid Composition of Castor.  travis.witt@ttu.edu 
Wong, Shan PSS   shan.wong@ttu.edu
Xiong, Yedan (Victoria)  PSS  Digital Image Analysis of Old World Bluestem Canopy Cover and Leaf Area. (Rcv'd M.S. 08/09/14) Adding PhD Starting Summer 2014  victoria.xiong@ttu.edu 
Shelby, Young PSS A Systems-Based Approach for Managing Early Season Cotton Pests. shelby.young@ttu.edu
Zolue, Gondah Moses  PSS  Biochar as a Possible Amendement to Improve the Quality of Highly Degraded Soils gondah.zolue@ttu.edu 
Zwonitzer, Martha  PSS    martha.zwonitzer@ttu.edu 
 If you are a PSS Graduate Student and not on the list or need to change/update your info, please e-mail your update to: psstechsupport@ttu.edu.

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