Texas Tech University

Matthias T Bougreau

Research Associate in Enology

Email: matthias.bougreau@ttu.edu

Matthias Bougreau

Personal information

 Matthias is a French enologist. After a Master's degree in Microbiology and Molecular Biology and 4 years working as a Project Manager in Microbiology for a Pharmaceutical Startup, he decided to dedicate to his passion for wine. He passed the Level 2 award in Wine and spirit from the Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) at the Wine school of Paris, then entered the French National Diploma of Enology where he graduated top of his prom. After graduation, he was hired as a winemaking consultant, advising around 70 wineries across the AOCs of Languedoc. In 2015, he went back to the Wine School of Paris to pass with distinction the Level 3 award in Wine from the WSET, making him an approved instructor for WSET awards. In parallel to his PhD project at TTU, he started teaching classes on winemaking and wine tasting as an instructor for the Plant and Soil Science department. Matthias is a member of the American Society for Enology and Viticulture and a member of the Association of French Enologists.


 Matthias is conducting a PhD in the department of Animal and Food Science under Dr. Guy Loneragan. Taking advantage of his microbiology and enology background, his research is focused on microorganisms naturally present in the vineyards and the finding of ideal fermenting microorganisms for improved winemaking and identity of wines made from Texas High Plains grapes.


  • PSS 1311-001 The Science of Wine
  • PSS 1311-D01 The Science of Wine (distant)
  • PSS 2314-001 Wine Production Introduction
  • PSS 2314-D01 Wine Production Introduction (distant)
  • PSS 2114-301 Wine Production Lab
  • PSS 2114-D31 Wine Production Lab (distant)
  • PSS/RHIM 4311 Wines of the World
  • PSS 4416-001 Winemaking Quality Control and Analysis
  • PSS 4416-501 Winemaking Quality Control and Analysis (Lab)