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Aloe vera

Aloe, Barbados Aloe, Kitchen Aloe
Classification Scientific Name: Aloe vera
  Common Name: Aloe

Barbados Aloe

Kitchen Aloe
  Family: Aloaceae
  Location Index: GR1 / GR2
  Suggested Use: container plantings

Plant Plant type: perennial
  Plant form: upright

  Height: 12 - 36 inches
  Spread: 12 - 36 inches
  Bloom Period: winter
  Flower Color: yellow
  Flower: bell-like flowers, but rarely blooms when pot grown
  Foliage Texture: coarse
  Foliage: clustering rosettes of thick, succulent, leathery, straplike, green leaves of 6-24 inches

leaves have white dots and are edged with spines
Environment USDA Zone: zones 9 - 11
  Native Range: North Africa
  Sun Requirement: full sun

partial shade
  Water Requirement: low
  Soil: well-drained
  Heat Tolerance: high
Care Maintenance: requires little care

allow soil to become dry between waterings

move inside in temperatures below 50 degrees
  Liabilities: root rot

bacterial leaf spots in overly moist conditions
  Tolerances: drought


  Propagation: stem cuttings
More Additional Notes: perennial grown as an annual

bitter yellow juice in leaves used in cosmetics and ointments

common indoor potted plant
Aloe vera

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