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Epipremnum pinnatum

Pothos Ivy, Centipede Tongavine
Classification Scientific Name: Epipremnum pinnatum
  Common Name: Pothos Ivy

Centipede Tongavine
  Family: Araceae
  Location Index: GR2
  Suggested Use: interior hanging basket
Plant Plant Type: perennial
  Plant Form: cascading
  Height: depends on structure
  Spread: depends on structure
  Foliage Texture: medium
  Foliage: heart-shaped leaves which attach to a climbing stem

cream to yellow variegation

may train on a pole or allow to trail
Environment Sun Requirement: low exposure
  Water Requirement: low
  Heat Tolerance: medium
Care Maintenance: may train on a pole or allow to trail
  Tolerances: does well in low light if water is reduced to match environment
More Additional Notes: attractive plant for pot plant, hanging basket, or totem pole use
Epipremnum pinnatum

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