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Ficus benjamina

Weeping Fig, Benjamin Tree
Classification Scientific Name: Ficus benjamina
  Common Name: Weeping Fig

Benjamin Tree
  Family: Moraceae
  Location Index: GR2
  Suggested Use: interior large foliage floor plant
Plant Plant Type: perennial
  Plant Form: arborial
  Height: 15 feet
  Spread: 10 feet
  Flower: flowers are not the primary ornamental value
  Foliage Texture: medium
  Foliage: potentially large specimen tree with heavy branching gives a lush canopy

glossy, entire, oval leaves

milky sap
  Fruit: messy
Environment USDA Zone: zones 10 - 11
  Sun Requirement: medium exposure

low exposure
  Water Requirement: medium / slightly low
  Heat Tolerance: medium
Care Liabilities: tendency to shed foliage when put in a draft or moved to a different source of light

mealy bugs

scale insects

messy fruits
More Additional Notes: most commonly grown plant in the interior industry to fill the use of a tree
  Cultivars/Varieties: Ficus benjamina 'Variegata' provides variegated foliage
Ficus benjamina

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