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Hibiscus moscheutos

Hardy Hibiscus, Swamp Mallow
Classification Scientific Name: Hibiscus moscheutos
  Common Name: Hardy Hibiscus

Swamp Mallow
  Family: Malvaceae
  Location Index: HG11
  Suggested Use: beds & borders
Plant Plant Type: perennial
  Plant Form: upright

  Height: 1 - 4 feet
  Spread: 1 - 4 feet
  Bloom Period: summer
  Flower Color: pink, rose, white
  Flower: single, showy flower 12-18" diameter
  Foliage Texture: coarse
  Foliage: leaves palmately veined, lobed, or parted
Environment USDA Zone: zones 5 - 9
  Native Range: Southern US
  Sun Requirement: full sun
  Water Requirement: medium
  Soil: moist

  Heat Tolerance: high
Care Maintenance: prune to ground after first frost

may need an iron supplement
  Liabilities: Japanese beetles


white flies

chlorosis (high pH)
  Tolerances: poorly drained soils
  Propagation: stem cuttings
More Additional Notes: largest flowers of any perennial

ideal for difficult, wet sites
Hibiscus moscheutos

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