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Portulaca oleracea

Classification Scientific Name: Portulaca oleracea
  Common Name: Purslane
  Family: Portulacacea
  Location Index: HG14
  Suggested Use: groundcover

beds & borders

hanging baskets
Plant Plant Type: annual
  Plant Form: spreading
  Height: 6 - 8 inches
  Spread: 12 - 15 inches
  Bloom Period: summer

  Flower Color: white, red, orange, gold, pink
  Flower: single or double open suacer- or cup-shaped flowers

flowers last only one day, but puts out new blooms regularly
  Foliage Texture: medium
  Foliage: alternate, succulent obovate foliage tinged red in full sun
Environment Native Range: India
  Sun Requirement: full sun
  Water Requirement: low
  Soil: well-drained

pH adaptable
  Heat Tolerance: very high
Care Liabilities: can reseed and become invasive and weedy

flowers may close in the heat of the day

root rot
  Tolerances: drought


  Propagation: seed
More Additional Notes: good for hot urban areas

perennial grown as an annual
Portulaca oleracea

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