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Schlumbergia truncatus

Christmas Cactus
Classification Scientific Name: Schlumbergia truncatus
  Common Name: Christmas Cactus
  Family: Cactaceae
  Location Index: GR2
  Suggested Use: interior rotational color

interior hanging basket
Plant Plant Type: perennial
  Plant Form: cascading
  Height: 1 foot
  Spread: 1 foot
  Bloom Period: winter

  Flower Color: red, purple, white
  Flower: showy blooms
  Foliage Texture: medium
  Foliage: branching epiphyte with flattened joints

dark and glossy green
Environment USDA Zone: zones 10 - 11
  Sun Requirement: medium exposure
  Water Requirement: medium
  Soil: well-drained
  Heat Tolerance: medium
Care Maintenance: allow soil to dry slightly between waterings

allow temperatures at night to drop slightly to induce flowering
  Liabilities: root rot
Schlumbergia truncatus

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